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3 Smashin’ Best LinkedIn Outreach Tools in 2023

April 6, 2023

Your marketing toolbox might be heavy, but that signifies a strong business. In this article, we’re highlighting the hottest outreach tool in 2023—LinkedIn. And here’s why:



LinkedIn is one of the most promising tools in 2023 to generate high-quality leads. In fact, it’s the only social platform where you can interact with over 700 million active, like-minded professionals and get several steps closer to achieving your business goals.



Of course, since you already have a ton of tasks on your hands—managing other social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter—you want to be efficient with running your LinkedIn outreach.



And one way you can do this is by using LinkedIn automation tools. 



What Are LinkedIn Automation Tools?


LinkedIn automation tools are software that use analytics to carry out LinkedIn user activity. Here’s how using LinkedIn automation tools can save you time and benefit your business:


  • Publish content materials to the apt audience at the right time and maximize your reach. As a result, you open your door to new customers and retain engaged users.
  • Avoid 24/7 communication management. The automation tools can do that for you, kind of like having an autopilot continue to do the things you would’ve otherwise do manually.
  • Eliminate the need to manually connect with your leads. You can set up automation tools to find and connect with high-quality leads without doing the grunt work repeatedly.
  • Send personalized messages without a sweat. You can interact with leads and converse with your leads more naturally—no matter how many users you contact simultaneously.
  • Easily conduct A/B testing since you can experiment with different outreach requests and InMail templates to see which ones get the highest open and response rates.


LinkedIn automation tools can help you generate high-quality leads and optimize your LinkedIn profile so you can run outreach on autopilot.



Top 3 LI Outreach Tools in 2023 


So, you’re reading this article because you’re considering automating your LinkedIn outreach. The next step is finding which tool best fits your business and campaign. To make choosing one easier, we’ve shortlisted the top 3 tools you should consider.


1. Expandi


If you’re looking for the safest and most effective LinkedIn automation tools available on the market right now, then Expandi is the perfect choice for you. Expandi is a cloud-based tool that could be ideal for you if you’re a growth hacker, agency owner, or marketer managing multiple LinkedIn accounts. 



Pros of Expandi

Cons of Expandi

Auto warm-up: Allows you to gradually increase your daily limits on message requests to mimic human behavior. Advanced tools: Requires advanced skills in using similar software, as it lacks manuals and descriptions for some of its functions and features.
Tool integration: Allows you to easily integrate the tool with CRMs and other marketing tools to make your marketing efforts seamless. Bugs and delays: You may experience bugs and delays because the platform is new in the industry and hasn’t been perfected yet. 
Multiple account management: Allows you to manage multiple accounts from the same dashboard, so you don’t have to open many tabs and windows to monitor your accounts.
Dedicated country-based IP: Allows you to use the tool wherever you are and still have the same virtual location.


It offers only one pricing plan at $99 per month. But there’s a seven-day free trial to test the tool.


2. LinkedInHelper


LinkedInHelper can help you automate your LinkedIn outreach and boost your brand visibility on LinkedIn. The tool is about natural integration with LinkedIn and maintaining relationships with your leads.



It’s ideal for marketing professionals who want to integrate naturally into B2B networks, maintain relationships with their leads, and maximize marketing automation to connect with potential leads.



Pros of LinkedInHelper Cons of LinkedInHelper
Auto mailing system: Helps your business communicate 24/7. Plus, it can personalize all your messages and interactions with your connections. Text only: Text-only format support means you can’t use emojis in your content materials, including messages. This can reduce copy engagement and professionalism.
Smart lead generation funnels: Helps you avoid overlaps between campaigns you’re running simultaneously. Technical glitches: Contact gathering glitches have been reported that can significantly negatively impact your marketing efforts.
Profiles auto-visitor: Helps you boost your brand visibility by visiting selected LinkedIn profiles and getting profile views in return.


LinkedInHelper offers a 14-day trial to give you plenty of time to test out its core features. After the free trial, LinkedIn Helper offers pricing options at $15 per month for the Standard version and $45 per month for the Pro version.



3. Dux-Soup


One of the most popular LinkedIn automation tools in the market is Dux-Soup. This powerful platform helps you collect leads that are interested in your business while also allowing you to personalize your outreach campaigns. It’s ideal for teams and individuals looking for a straightforward, beginner-friendly LinkedIn automation tool.



One small disadvantage is that Dux-Soup is a Chrome extension, meaning it lives in your browser. To run the tool, you must open your LinkedIn in your browser the whole time.


Pros of Dux-Soup Cons of Dux-Soup
Prospects management: Allows you to automatically send connection requests, leave notes, and directly tag the LinkedIn profiles of your target market and reach out to them. Lag or slow down: Downloading this chrome extension might slow down your device, resulting in lags when running your campaign on LinkedIn.
Downloadable profile details: Allows you to download the profile details of your leads and upload them into your CRM, which results in seamless lead management. Outdated Interface: The interface is outdated and not intuitive, so users must dedicate more time to learning how to maximize and use the tool properly.
Beginner-friendly: Allows marketers without experience to set up drip campaigns for LinkedIn without a hassle.


Dux-Soup offers a free plan as an introduction to all users. Paid pricing plans start from $11.25 per month.



Maximize Automation With Professionals


LinkedIn automation tools can benefit marketers looking to maximize their outreach efforts and manage their leads much more efficiently. Expandi, LinkedIn Helper, and Dux-Soup are some popular platforms offering various features designed to help marketers reach out easier to potential customers.



Take advantage of the free trials to explore each tool before you select the one that meets your needs.



And if you still need more help to get the most out of LinkedIn automation tools, partner with experts like ScaleUpSales. We can study the features of your chosen automation tool and create a strategy that best meets your campaign needs to get the maximum return on investment.



Automate your LinkedIn Outreach with experts. Contact us today!