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4 Lead Generation Trends We’re Banking On in 2023 (And Why You Should, Too)

January 13, 2023

Low-quality leads are the reason why sales teams can’t get conversions. You spend so much, only to realize minimum ROI from your efforts. We understand your problem; generating golden leads is tricky.



But it’s a necessity to get the conversion rates your business needs.



Well, from leveraging AI and machine learning to multi-platform marketing strategies, we’ve scoured every corner of the internet—and then some!—to bring you 4 great lead generation strategies guaranteed to skyrocket your business beyond your competitors.



Here are the 4 lead-generation trends you can rely on in 2023:



1. Influencer Marketing


Marketing to influencers is one way to generate long-term customers, where  61% of consumers say they trust influencers’ recommendations over brand recommendations because it’s “based on a trust and respect the consumer has built with an influencer.” It’s promoted to them on a personal level, so to speak.



Moreover, market growth proves it. The influencer marketing industry grew from $1.7 billion in 2016 to $9.7 billion in 2020, soared to $13.8 billion a year later, and projects a $16.4 billion industry in 2022. 



So, here are ways to target the right influencers to promote your brand and product:


  • Hashtags: Explore influencer pages that use the same trending hashtags as your company. Does their content align with your brand? Do they share the same target market or niche? If they do, reach out to them and get them on board.
  • Social Media: Use social media trackers or listening tools to find already-known and relevant influencers in your industry or niche. Who’s mentioning your brand and personally promoting it on their social accounts? They’re already advocating your brand–use it to your advantage.
  • YouTube: Many influencers share product reviews or show off products they use on their YouTube channels. Search using your brand’s keywords, and focus marketing to influencers with lots of followers and high engagement rates. Make their advocacy official!


As the market continues to soar year-on-year, focus your marketing efforts on influencers like bloggers, content creators, industry experts, and thought leaders. You want to approach customers from a more personal level, rather than from a “corporation trying to sell stuff”.



2. Use Emails Strategically


Experts say email lead generation is 40x more effective than social media, and 4 billion people—that’s over half of Earth’s population—use email daily. The audience is enormous, representing billions of prospects for your lead generation to become loyal customers.



Not sure if your emails are hitting the marks? Here’s a benchmark for you to use. These 4 tell-tale signs that your email campaign is headed towards success, and are slowly (but surely) generating quality leads:


  1. The content is personalized, valuable to the prospect, and gets to the point.
  2. The email design loads quickly and looks interesting to read.
  3. The message is sent with the right timing according to the recipients. 
  4. The email’s segments flow logically to keep the reader reading. 


If your email campaign ticks off the list, you’re on the right track. (If not, you can reach out to our team and we’ll help you shape and improve your email campaign strategy for maximum conversions.)



3. Rely on AI-Powered Chatbots


Chatbots helped 55% of businesses generate high-quality leads in 2022, and their conversion expectations for 2023 are expected in the $100 billion range.



The growth is because AI Chatbots provide a valuable way for companies to engage with leads who aren’t ready or available to speak with a salesperson. Bots can handle lead qualification, answer lead questions, and even provide personalized product recommendations. They work with natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning algorithms to identify the best opportunities to generate leads.



You can trust AI chatbots to handle most of your lead-generation chores, like:


  • Customer engagement enhancement: Chatbots can handle the entire conversation 69% of the time to keep customers engaged around the clock.
  • Sales funnel management: You can program your chatbot to prequalify leads and pass them to your sales team for further nurturing. When you can quickly attend to your customers, your conversion rate and leads increase.
  • Streamline shopping: Chatbots are projected to make up to $112 billion in retail sales in 2023, double the year before. That’s saying something!


The lead-generation potential of AI and chatbots is huge, and younger generations (Gen Z and Millenials) are more open to purchasing products and services with the help of conversational marketing tools like chatbots. As lead-generation technologies continue to evolve, they’ll certainly play a significant role in lead-generation efforts in 2023. 



4. Optimize for Mobile


Optimizing your website and lead generation efforts for mobile is a billion-dollar-and-counting opportunity to reach potential customers in their comfiest. The numbers don’t lie: As of November 2022, 59.5% of all web traffic has come from mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and wearables. And in the US, nearly 90% of people who recommended a brand did so, thanks to their positive mobile experience.



Mobile optimization involves ensuring your website is compatible with various screen sizes and resolutions, primarily including:


  • Functional forms
  • Fast page loads
  • Easy-to-read content
  • Effective lead capture system
  • Consistent customer experience across devices


Optimizing for mobile keeps your lead generation ball rolling uphill. Leads turn into conversions that turn into committed customers–all because you’re reaching the audience on the device they prefer.



Generate Quality Leads by Riding the Right Trends


Lead generation is crucial to any successful sales and marketing strategy. But it’s also one of businesses’ most significant challenges. Still, you can increase your lead conversion rate and foster customer loyalty by using lead generation tactics such as email automation, AI-powered chatbots, and mobile optimization. 



Nevertheless, lead generation is an ever-evolving field with new technologies and trends emerging every year. As they continue to evolve, it’s important to use the right strategies and tools to stay ahead of the competition and generate more high-quality leads.



Need help streamlining your lead generation system and converting leads to loyal customers? Maximize your lead generation efforts and skyrocket your sales with ScaleUpSales. Contact us today!