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5 Cold Sales Email Campaign Types (And Which One You Should Choose)

July 18, 2023

The true story of Wall Street stockbroker and financial criminal Jordan Belfort, as told in Martin Scorsese’s movie, The Wolf of Wall Street, accurately paints a picture of convincing fraud—via cold calling. Back in the day, it wasn’t a stretch to see companies with rooms of employees making cold calls, trying to land a sale, like in Belfort’s Stratton Oakmont brokerage house.



But that was the 80s and 90s. Today, people are far more skeptical of sales calls—your average prospect picking up a cold call will probably consider you a snake oil salesperson rather than the trustworthy broker that investors saw in Jordan Belfort.



That’s why these days, you’re more likely to gain conversions from tactics like a cold sales email campaign. And sure, you’re probably already deploying your own email campaigns. Still, with our tactics, you can take your lead generation to the next level.



So, here we’ll give you the lowdown on some proven techniques to ensure you secure that coveted $40 for every dollar ROI.



The Importance of Different Email Campaigns


So, you might ask why you can’t use an email template that landed you a six-figure deal. The fact is, there’s no one-size-fits-all deal when it comes to cold emails.



For instance, one prospect might turn into a SQL (sales qualified lead) after a single touchpoint. But for the most part, your average prospect will only be ready for a deal after exchanging eight emails.



In short, you need to tailor campaigns to your prospect’s journey. Here are some examples of effective cold sales email campaigns and when it’s most appropriate to use them.



#1 Introductory Emails


Before getting to the sales talk, it’s crucial first to get to know your prospect and help them get an idea of your product and services. Then, put yourself in your prospect’s shoes: are you game to buy something from an email address you don’t recognize? No—you’ll probably think it’s a phishing attempt and immediately mark it as spam.



And, if your email campaigns get flagged for spam, well, you’ve effectively lost your lead. That’s why you first need to sweet-talk your prospects with the help of introductory email campaigns.



Here, your goal isn’t to sell a product but to extend your hand in friendship. A friendly tone enables you to build a relationship with the prospect, helping you understand their pain points, which can later lead to a sale.



To give you an idea of what to look for, here’s a good intro email sample from business guru Neil Patel:


Hey John,


I hope that this email finds you well. I know you are busy, so I won’t take up a lot of your time. The purpose of this email is to introduce myself, as I enjoy connecting with people who work in the same industry.


My company, XYZ Corporation, specializes in the production of widgets. I am a big supporter of your company and keep close tabs on all your latest news.


If you have the opportunity, don’t hesitate to reach out via email. Of course, you can also connect with me via Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Thank you for taking the time to read my email. I hope we cross paths in the future!




Jane Doe


XYZ Corporation


Alt text: A sample template of an intro email


Source: Neil Patel



Starting with an excellent introduction email will get you on track to landing your next sale. With a great intro, you’re building a relationship with your prospect, which you can leverage to push for a soft or hard sale in succeeding touchpoints.



#2 Social Media Emails


Just because we’re creating a cold email marketing campaign doesn’t mean we should limit ourselves to a single channel. On the contrary, social media enables more accessible communication and audience engagement. And a social media email will help create a collaborative relationship between both channels.



In social media email campaigns, you’re looking to achieve two goals:


  1. Introduce yourself after sending a connection request on a social media platform
  2. Ensure your prospect has your email address


You won’t send a follow-up email to every social media interaction you have. But it’s handy to keep in your toolbox for building rapport with a prospect while experimenting with email campaigns.



#3 Blog Post Email


Collaboration is crucial to getting your cold outreach strategies to perform at peak efficiency. And you can promote increased engagement and traffic by using an email campaign and social media to invite prospects to view your latest blog post.



Posting at least 16 blogs a month can increase your traffic by nearly 3.5 times compared to only updating four times monthly. And with a blog post email campaign, you can increase that number by directing prospects and customers to your content.



Additionally, releasing blog post email campaigns come with several benefits:


  • Creates an organic reason to reach out to prospects
  • Provides value to your prospects rather than trying to commit to a sale
  • Displays knowledge on your topic of choice—showing that you’re a thought leader in your industry


So, the next time you create a blog post, consider releasing following that up with a blog post email campaign.



#4 “Ask for Advice” Emails


As they say, “Great minds think alike.” With the help of an “ask for advice” email campaign, you show that you respect your prospect, which aligns with the idea of building a relationship.



When it succeeds, a campaign where you ask for prospects’ advice can land you the feedback you need to adjust your email campaigns and products. It also gives you a good checkpoint to help you push the conversation forward.



Your goal with an “ask for advice” email is to gain a foothold on high-impact leads. And, using that foothold, you can eventually transition into a sales pitch.



Again, Neil Patel comes to the rescue with a proven template:


Hey John,


As a big fan of yours for many years, I wanted to send you an email to ask for a bit of advice.


I am in the process of writing a book, and based on your past success in this area, I was hoping you could answer a couple of questions for me:


– What process did you follow to find your agent (if you used one)?

– Can you share any advice for pitching directly to publishers?


I know there is a lot to be said on both subjects, and I would value any advice you can provide.




Jane Doe


XYZ Corporation


Alt-Text: A sample for an “Ask for Advice” email

Source: Neil Patel



Building trust by asking your prospects for opinions or advice helps you build relationships that increase your conversion rates. 



#5 Soft Sale Email Campaign


A soft sale email campaign is the perfect cherry for an introductory email campaign. You aim to get your foot in the door when crafting a soft sale campaign.



Ideally, you don’t want to sound too salesy. Instead, focus on providing critical details:


  • What your company is about
  • Introduction of your products or service


With a soft sale campaign, your goal isn’t to transition into a sale but to progress your prospect into the next phase of their journey.



And courtesy of Neil Patel, here’s a great example to emulate a soft sale email:


Hey John,


As the marketing manager of XYZ Corporation, it’s my job to reach out to people in the industry who can provide us with high-quality knowledge and feedback regarding our services.


It’s not always easy to find experienced professionals who know the industry, but it’s my hope that you can help.


Our primary services consist of X, Y, and Z, all of which I am sure you are familiar with in your current position.


Would you have any need for one or more of these services? Is there anything in particular that would improve the likelihood of working with our company?


I know you are busy, so I am going to stop here. If you have any free time, I would love to hear your thoughts. Thank you for your time.




Jane Doe


XYZ Corporation


Alt-Text: A soft sale email template


Source: Neil Patel



Handy Tools to Assist Your Cold Sales Email


Luckily, you don’t have to rely on just human resources to create email campaigns. These days there are a ton of powerful software capable of uplifting your current strategy.



Here are some notable email campaign automation software to look out for:



Email campaign automation software integrates email CRM capabilities and tools for automating every email campaign.



Take Your Cold Sales Email to the Next Level


Email outreach should be a crucial element of your marketing strategy. Ignoring email outreach can deprive you of sky-high ROIs and limit your lead generation potential.



That said, it can be challenging to craft productive email campaigns. After all, your average person will receive over 120 marketing emails daily. So how do you stand out against the riff-raff?



With ScaleUp Sales, you can be confident your cold sales email campaigns perform at peak efficiency. With us, even your next 200 touchpoints will turn into successful conversions!



Contact us today to get started on your cold sales email campaign strategy.