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7 Essential Tips for Hiring Copywriting Services for Websites

March 10, 2023

These days, it’s not enough for website content to be well-written—it also needs to be optimized for search engines. After all, what good is high-quality content if no one will ever see it?



Optimizing your website content improves your rank in SERPs, giving you higher online visibility.



In fact, merely updating your content with SEO optimization can help boost your page clicks by over 437%. That’s four times more people visiting your site with just a little update.



In this article, we cover how to partner with website copywriting agencies to improve your site’s traffic and boost sales.



What is Website Copywriting?


Website copywriting is all about writing digital content for websites, including landing pages, blog posts, product descriptions, and other content that aims to help advertise, market, or inform customers about the business’s products and services.


Here are four factors that make website copy rank high on SERPs:


  • High-quality content without grammar and spelling mistakes
  • SEO-friendly and relevant to the target audience
  • Formatted for easy reading, including bullet points and headings
  • A clear and concise call to action


Website copywriting is one of the most crucial aspects of building your brand and finding new customers online. Your website content is where you communicate with your target audience about the solutions you have to address their problems. It’s what helps you convince prospects that availing your products or services will make their lives better.



So, how can you ensure your copywriting is substantial and valuable to your readers? 



That’s where website copywriting services come in.



7 Ways to Partner Effectively with Website Copywriters


Website copywriting services help you publish content optimized for online viewings, like blogs and landing pages. In addition, professional copywriters can help you craft original content that ranks high in SERPs and increases your web traffic.



Hiring a website copywriting agency allows you to have quality content minus the hours and hours it would take when you do it yourself. Here’s how you can find the best copywriting agency:



1. Make Clear Objectives


The first thing you must do before hiring a copywriting service is to determine what you want your content to accomplish. For example, your website content may stand to:


  • Generate traffic
  • Improve SERP ranking
  • Increase sales


What type of customers and prospects are you targeting? What topics are they interested in reading about? Considering your audience’s interests helps you to find the right copywriting service to produce content tailored to your business’s needs.



2. Read Copywriting Samples


The next step to finding a copywriting agency to help you achieve your goals is to read copywriting samples provided by potential services. Here are some things to ask yourself when reading samples:


  • Do they have the necessary skills and knowledge to create quality content for your website? Remember that grammatical and spelling mistakes in their content are major red flags.
  • Does their tone differ in multiple samples, or are they using the same tone of voice all throughout? You should see how they adapt to different tones in speaking to different audiences.
  • Do they adjust their writing style depending on where it’s published? They should have the skill and knowledge to write strategically.


For example, copy written for a snacks company reads differently than marketing copy for a company that sells computer monitors. Both companies market to people who eat, but the computer company uses a techy tone that speaks directly to people who understand computer jargon, while the snacks company uses an inclusive tone that both technology nerds and foodies relate to. See what we mean?



3. Ask About Experience


Let’s follow the food vein. If you’re in the food industry, hiring an agency that can come up with witty and creative topics and use language that makes your target audience drool is the logical way to deliver valuable content to customers.



Before you hire a copywriting agency for your website, ask about their experience in your niche and ensure they’re knowledgeable about your industry and passionate about writing to your audience’s tastes.



Ask what kind of content they’re confident writing to ensure your marketing efforts are in the right space. For example, Is your audience more likely to connect with your business through social media? Are they readers that take the time to consume a blog post? Are lead magnets the most likely marketing tool?



Ensuring your copywriting agency knows what kind of content helps engage your readers and ultimately increases your conversion rates.



4. Consider SEO Knowledge


The word on marketing this year says that ranking high on SERPs is the driving marketing strategy for B2Bs and B2Cs, and ensuring your website is SEO-friendly is the way to achieve just that.



61% of marketers say that search engine optimization (SEO) generates more leads than any other marketing strategy—SEO is a big deal if you want to conquer your marketing in today’s world. Of course, you can learn how to craft great SEO web content yourself, but it takes time and practice to craft high-quality and relevant web content to rank high in SERPs and generate leads.



Ensure your professional copywriters are skilled in SEO marketing strategies by getting the answers do these questions:


  • Do they provide keyword research and optimization services?
  • Can they optimize the existing content on your website?
  • Do they have a track record of successful SEO campaigns in the past?


Hiring a good copywriting agency without SEO knowledge wastes time and money, so ensure your SEO professional is knowledgeable in your field before you hire them.



5. Understand the Writing Process


Understanding how your copywriting agency writes, meets deadlines, shares feedback, and processes projects helps you know how to plan and manage your other projects and teams.



Here are 5 questions to know more about an agency’s work process:


  • How do they work, and how long does it take them to produce content?
  • How do they ensure that they’ll always meet the deadline?
  • What kind of feedback loop is in place to ensure their content is high quality?
  • Can they create a content calendar?
  • Are they offering unlimited revisions for each copy?


Consider copywriting services that meet your company’s business needs to meet your client’s needs, as well as free up your teams to focus on other tasks.



6. Review Pricing


Once you’ve narrowed down your list of potential copywriting services, it’s time to review their prices. Prices can vary widely depending on the agency. The average cost for professional copywriting services ranges from $25 to $25,000 per page. The wide range depends heavily on the following:


  • Content length and type
  • Industry knowledge
  • Content writer’s skills and background
  • Turnaround time


It’s essential to have a budget before looking for copywriting services. Once you know how much you can invest, you can narrow your search even more and find the right service to improve your ROI and stay on budget.



7. Ask for Referrals


The best way to get a good idea of how an agency works is to hear it from someone who has already used its services. That’s social proof, after all. 



Ask your friends or business partners for agency recommendations they’ve worked with before—they will tell you the best ones and warn you of bad apples. Moreover, talking with references allows you to set your expectations right, where you can expect the same service an agency has given to its past clients.



Improve Your Website to Boost Your Sales


Finding the right copywriting agency to improve your website and boost your sales can be daunting. But by doing your research, understanding their writing process, and asking for referrals, you’ll be able to find the perfect partner that can help bring your brand to life.



Partner with professional copywriters with extensive skills and knowledge in SEO-optimized website copywriting, like ScaleUpSales. With us, you’ll improve your website’s readability, making it easy for them to understand your value and get in touch. 



You’ll then increase website traffic and boost profits!



Improve your website with high-quality content written by professionals. Contact us today.