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B2C ECommerce Sales Worldwide are Booming, And You Need to Get on This Train

December 21, 2022

Before the rise of the internet we know today and the global pandemic that locked us behind doors, we preferred in-person shopping over buying things online.



We like touching the fabric of the clothes we want, reviewing the sound of newly released headphones, and testing LED ceiling lights before purchasing to ensure that we like them.



But the tide has since turned, and people are in love with the future of shopping and eCommerce. Online shopping is growing in popularity so much that recent data proves its uptrend will continue to skyrocket in the coming years.



In other words, if your B2C company isn’t hopping on the eCommerce train soon, you’ll be left behind, becoming irrelevant in the grand scheme of sales.



So let’s talk about the rise of eCommerce in more detail, including some tips on how your business can make the shift.



How Fast is the Growth of eCommerce Sales Worldwide?


The B2C eCommerce market size was valued at $3.67 trillion in 2020. However, the global eCommerce sales growth didn’t stop there, as it continues to increase today, where experts are forecasting a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.7% from 2021 to 2028. 



Check the chart below to visualize how massive the growth will be in the near future:




Source: Grand View Research



And it’s not a fad, either. The eCommerce industry is stable and competitive, where countless mergers and acquisitions are fueling the momentum.



For example, key players like Amazon, ALIBABA, Flipkart, and PayPal are growing tremendously, attracting huge investors and global giants. With that kind of power behind them, they’ll continue to offer innovative and relevant solutions that’ll strengthen eCommerce markets for decades.



Why is the Global eCommerce Market Exploding?


With the development of our modern world, we all feel some stress every day. So we’re constantly trying to cut down the time it takes for us to complete tasks, including purchasing things.



From buying a weekend outfit during your lunch break to getting Chinese food delivered to your house while you’re still en route, our busy lives push us to find alternative ways to use our time more efficiently. And that’s not the only reason eCommerce is becoming a norm. 



Here are a few more reasons for the rise of eCommerce:


  1. Rising disposable and global per capita income
  2. Growing digital dependency and technological adoption
  3. Expanding internet penetration across the entire world
  4. Easy availability of smartphones and use of social networks
  5. Urbanization and smart city initiatives in developing countries
  6. Increase in mobile transactions and online banking
  7. Ease of doing business due to globalization and solid logistics infrastructure
  8. Unorganized offline retail sector


People don’t have to visit brick-and-mortar stores to get what they need. They don’t need to drop by the local grocery to restock fresh vegetables! Instead, they can access multiple services that offer help online simply by downloading an app or visiting a website.



What Does the Rise of eCommerce Mean for B2C Companies?


The rise of eCommerce worldwide bodes well for B2C companies, which can now reach out to a larger audience and market their products more effectively.



With that said, it’s not enough to just have an online presence. 



B2C companies need to work on their eCommerce website design, user experience (UX), digital marketing strategy, and overall customer journey to ensure that they’re providing an excellent service that will keep customers engaged and encourage them to return for more.



Here are some critical tips on how your business can make the most out of the eCommerce boom:



1. Review Your eCommerce Website Design


Your eCommerce website is the first thing potential customers will see when they land on your page, so make sure it’s visually appealing and adequately functional. A well-designed website will help you stand out from the competition and give customers a positive first impression.



2. Improve Your User Experience (UX)


Your eCommerce website design is just one part of the puzzle; you must also improve your UX. Creating a seamless customer journey keeps people engaged with your brand. 



So ensure that your website is easy to navigate, where customers can find what they’re looking for quickly and easily—which is one of the important things that make online shopping pleasing.



3. Develop an Effective Digital Marketing Strategy


Digital marketing is vital for promoting your eCommerce business and driving traffic to your website. So develop a solid strategy that includes search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, content marketing, and email marketing. All these will help you reach a wider audience and generate more leads.



4. Focus on the Overall Customer Journey


It’s not enough to just get people to your website—you need to ensure they have a positive experience there. Pay attention to every step of the customer journey, from discovery to consideration, purchase, and beyond. Doing so will help you create loyalty, repeat purchases, and brand advocates.



5. Invest in the Right Technology


To compete in the eCommerce space, you need to have the right technology in place. This includes everything from an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to a robust eCommerce platform.



 In short, investing in the right tech will help you streamline your operations and provide a better customer experience, turning your offline business into one perfect for the online space.



The Rise of eCommerce is the Rise of Your Business


The truth is, eCommerce isn’t an option anymore. If it continues to grow as fast as it is now, it’ll be the only game in town before you know it. But taking advantage of the trend doesn’t come without effort. So focus on website design, user experience, digital marketing, and the overall customer journey to make the most of this shift and drive more sales for your business.



If you want your business to stay relevant and competitive, you must start selling online now.



Are you ready to take your business online? If you need more help, our team at ScaleUpSales can assist you in making the transition. 



Get in touch today, and we’ll be happy to answer your questions, create a strategy, and implement your plans while there’s still time!