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Best Cold Email Subject Line Generators In 2023

April 10, 2023

When was the last time you opened your inbox and received a cold email? 



You probably scrolled down the list and saw multiple emails with dull and generic titles. The subject line was clunky and uncatchy, and you probably skipped over the email without a second thought.



The same applies to 47% of recipients—they judge the email by its subject line.



So, if your emails read boring from the front page, it’s not worth it to write the rest. Your recipients would definitely put them in the digital trash bin without opening or considering your offer.



You need a relevant and attention-grabbing email subject line to get recipients to click through.



Still, no marketer has the time to crank out subject lines—you have other more urgent tasks to worry about. Plus, you can only think of a handful of copies before you start sounding generic and repetitive.



This is where email subject line generators come in, which we’ll go through below.



Top 7 Email Subject Line Generators


Email subject line generators can help you think outside the box when you need to write compelling subject lines, especially when doing a large-scale campaign. Generators ensure writing subject lines is 100% productive to increase your open rates.



Here are the email subject line generators that marketers should consider in 2023:



1. Jasper



Photo source: Screenshot from Jasper



Jasper is an artificial intelligence (AI) content and copywriting tool that can generate original, search-optimized content from scratch. All you have to do is give it some basic information about your company, your preferred tone of voice, and what kind of message you’re trying to convey.



Once you’ve provided all information, you can watch Jasper generate creative, search-engine-optimized emails tailored to your business. Jasper can also be used to develop video titles, email body content, and calls to action (CTAs), so a subscription will more than pay for itself.



2. Copy.ai



Photo source: Copy.ai



Copy.ai offers a straightforward and easy-to-use email subject line generator. You only need to provide two pieces of information: your product and/or brand name and product description. Copy.ai also offers nine options for tones of voice, including adventurous, persuasive, and professional.



Additionally, if you’re stuck in writer’s block mode, you can click the “More Like This” button to generate more ideas based on your favorite lines.



Copy.ai offers an abundant word limit of 1,000 words for product descriptions to improve the relevancy of generated subject line suggestions.



3. SalesBlink



Photo source: Screenshot from Salesblink.io



Salesblink.io offers a free email subject line generator specifically designed for sales emails. Unlike other generators, Salesblink only needs to know your product and the recipient’s company name to create personalized email subject lines.



The platform offers five results with open rate statistics for each. For example, if you’re trying to sell batteries to Nintendo, the generated subject line would look like this: Battery Ideas for Nintendo (63% Open Rate).



4. ActiveCampaign



Photo source: Screenshot from ActiveCampaign



ActiveCampaign is the best email subject line generator for marketers targeting specific keywords. You can also choose from three categories: Pain Point, Benefit, or Topic.



The platform shows four initial suggestions per keyword, and more recommendations for the same keyword and category are found by clicking “Generate more suggestions.”



One downside of ActiveCampaign is that its suggestions may seem too blatant and repetitive for some campaigns. But it’s a good start, especially when you’re at a loss for words.



5. SEOPressor



Photo source: Screenshot from SEOPressor



SEOPressor isn’t an email subject line generator, but title suggestions are available according to keyword and category. Enter a keyword, select which category it belongs to from the drop-down menu, and click Generate Titles for results within seconds. 



You can choose from numerous suggestions from the generated blog titles to get ideas on writing your email subject line.



6. Keap



Screenshot from Keap



Keap is loved for its unique features. For example, the platform generates content that’s relevant to your niche by delivering content specified to your email type (newsletter, follow-up, free resource offering), keyword or category of interest, target audience, and desired outcome.



These details allow Keap to generate subject lines that help you achieve more clicks, conversions, and sales. It’s fairly easy to use as well.



7. Portent



Photo source: Screenshot from Portent



Portent is a free, straightforward tool you can use as inspiration for your email subject lines. You only need to input your email’s overarching message or solution to generate results.



The tool isn’t specifically designed to generate email subject lines, but the generated results can inspire an angle for your subject line. You can also generate unlimited titles, so you don’t have to worry about changing ideas—you can keep generating until you land on a good one.



Once you get the hang of the platform, it can help you generate innovative marketing ideas to help you write interesting and relevant content.



Nail Your Outreach From The Get-Go


Email subject lines are your way to success, so perfecting them is vital. Thanks to these email subject line generators, you can quickly generate great ideas that can help you capture your prospects’ attention and get more conversions and sales.



Finding the right combination of words can easily hook your readers and encourage them to open your emails. Still, regardless of which tool you use in the end, ensure that your subject line is relevant and engaging. After all, the success of your email campaigns depends on it.



Send well-written email content with the most suitable email subject line with the help of experts. At ScaleUpSales, we’ll help you launch a perfect outreach campaign—from the subject line to the call to action. Contact us today!