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Cold Email Subject Lines

March 20, 2023

One out of every three readers decides whether to read an email based on the subject line alone. That’s no surprise, as your subject line is the first thing your prospects will read upon receiving your email.



The subject line is a crucial part of any cold outreach strategy, and writing an effective one can dramatically increase your open and response rates



Writing a successful subject line isn’t rocket science, even for marketers. But it takes time and effort. And while many B2B marketers understand the need to craft engaging content and a compelling message to get their recipient to reply, they often overlook the importance of the most simple and powerful piece of cold outreach: the first line.



So, let’s cover three easy ways to craft the perfect cold email subject line for a surefire sales boost.



1. Use Power Words


Think about the most outstanding marketers and salespeople you know. How do they affect your emotions with words? 



Power words are persuasive words that aim to trigger a favorable or psychological response in your audience and engage their imagination. And by using powerful words, you can transform your bland, boring, robotic subject line into an irresistible magnet. 



Here are examples on how to cast a spell on your prospects and encourage them to open your emails: 


  • Instead of “We can help you succeed,” try “Unlock your success with us.”
  • Instead of “Introducing our new product,” try “Revolutionize your business with this.”
  • Instead of “This is important information,” try “Crucial insights you need to know.”


You can (and should) get creative with these power statements, of course. But the examples above should give you an idea of where to start. The goal is to trigger their emotions via their pain points.



2. Know the Perfect Length for Your Readers


Brevity is key when writing a powerful subject line. You want your recipients to understand your email’s content in as few words and characters as possible. Most people are bombarded with hundreds of emails daily—you’ve got to make yours stand out from the crowd.



So, how do you determine the perfect length for your cold email subject line? Here are three factors to consider for the perfect length:



#1 The Platform


Every year, increasingly more people open their emails on mobile devices. In 2022 alone, mobile phones accounted for 61.9% of total opened emails—meaning that optimizing your email subject lines for mobiles gets you the best visibility.



Considering that most mobile readers open their emails using Apple (58.73%) and Gmail (28.04%), you should optimize your subject line length to 41-70 characters (for iPhone users) for the best viewing.



Different devices have their own rules for cutting subject lines, so test your copy to avoid ending up with an awkward cut-off. The ending should be as good (or better) than the beginning!



#2 Your Ideal Audience


Adjust the length of your subject lines according to your ideal buyer persona. For example, is your target audience mainly composed of millennials? Or are you targeting middle-aged professionals?



Young readers prefer to read concise and straightforward subject lines, while older audiences might appreciate more details in their subject lines. Just like how you’d have a different strategy to get the attention of your mom compared to your best friend, every target audience will need a different approach.



#3 The Offer


Your email subject line should accurately reflect (or hint at) your offer while fitting the ideal character limit for the platform. Making your offer clear is crucial, so you encourage the reader to engage and click on your call to action (CTA) and avoid giving any false expectations. You can only do so if you fit the character limit, however, or the subject line will get cut off before you’re done.



3. Be More Personal


Personalization is a great way to make your cold email subject lines stand out from the competition. In fact, emails with personalized subject lines get 50% higher open rates than generic ones, because they make the reader feel like the email is tailored specifically to them. Plus, it gives them the feeling that you’ve done your homework and understand their needs.



For example, you can connect personally with your recipients by mentioning:


  • Their first names and job title
  • Their geographical location
  • Their interests (based on their website activity)
  • An upcoming event they’re attending


Here are some templates you can use to write your personalized subject line:


  • Hi [first name], can I have 10 minutes of your time? You won’t regret it
  • 5 surefire strategies that all [job title] should know
  • How to improve your [hobby] skills
  • Businesses that are doing it right in [location]


Another way you can personalize your email subject line is by including the name of the prospect’s company. Doing so helps increase open rates by up to 22%.



Here are three templates of how you can personalize your email subject line with the prospect’s company:


  • [Your company] + [prospect company] = 💲💲💲
  • Can I help [prospect company name] with higher sales?
  • Does [prospect company name] need a hand in getting more leads?


By leveraging personalization, you can increase the chances of having your emails opened by existing customers and prospects.



However, be aware of the thin line between being personal and getting too intrusive with your subject lines. You want to ensure that you’re delivering relevant content to your readers and not making them feel uncomfortable or like you’re spamming them.



Perfecting Email Subject Lines for Improved Cold Outreach


Crafting an effective email subject line can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be. Follow these simple steps, and practice different subject line variations to understand what resonates with your unique audience.



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