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Cold Emailing Software Review: We Compared Them All So You Don’t Have to

November 17, 2022

If a stranger asks you for a high five walking by, would you do it?



Probably not. After all, you don’t know who they are. But what if they say you’ve got a nice scarf and then raised their hand for a high five?



We’d guess you’re far more likely to go along with it in the second scenario. And when it comes to cold emails, it’s the same thing. Personalization is key if you want to create a cold outreach campaign that works.



And if you really want to boost your cold email campaigns’ performance, then you should consider using cold emailing software. It’s the perfect glove for your cold email high five as cold email software helps you automate your cold email campaigns. 



With the right software, you can send mass emails to potential customers without manually adding each contact. Cold email software can also help you personalize content and track responses to follow up with interested leads.



Why Use Cold Emailing Software?


You would want to use cold emailing software for your campaign for several reasons.



Here are 3 of the most beneficial reasons:


  1. It saves a lot of time. With cold emailing software, you can quickly add a large number of contacts and start sending emails.
  2. It allows you to track responses. This way, you can follow up with interested leads and measure the success of your campaign.
  3. It helps boost your open rates and click-through rates to improve your email deliverability.


What are the Different Types of Cold Emailing Software?


There are two main types of cold emailing software:


  1. Standalone: You use a separate program that you use to manage your outreach campaigns.
  2. Integrated: This is when it’s built into another program, such as your CRM or marketing automation platform.


Which type of cold email software is right for you depends on your needs. If you already have a CRM or marketing automation platform, you might consider using the integrated cold email software. This will save you from learning to use two different programs. On the other hand, standalone cold emailing software might be a better option if you don’t have a CRM or marketing automation platform.



5 Best Cold Email Software


Now, that you know the benefits and types of cold emailing software let’s look at 5 of the best cold email platforms.



1. Mailshake


Mailshake is an email outreach tool that makes it easy to send cold emails at scale. It’s designed for sales and marketing teams who want to improve their customer acquisition processes.



With Mailshake, you can quickly add a large number of contacts and start sending personalized emails. The built-in scheduler ensures you don’t send too many emails per day, and you can also track responses so you can follow up with interested leads.



Milkshake Key Features:


  • Large contact lists: You can upload an unlimited number of contacts and create as many custom lists as you need.
  • Personalized emails: You can personalize your emails with custom fields, such as the recipient’s name, company, and title.
  • Real-time tracking: Mailshake automatically tracks all emails so you can see who opens and clicks on your links.
  • CRM integration: You can connect Mailshake to your CRM to easily add new contacts and keep track of your progress.
  • Pricing: From $58 per user per month, billed annually


2. QuickMail


QuickMail is a powerful and reliable cold email tool, best for agencies and sales teams that prioritize deliverability and efficiency.



With QuickMail, you can easily upload prospects, create cold outreach campaigns, and use personalization attributes. Plus, you can automate the entire process, giving you access to reaching out to hundreds of potential customers. However, no matter how good your email is, if it’s not being delivered, then it’s useless, and this is where QuickMail comes in.



QuickMail Key Features:


  • Built-in deliverability tools: You can access multiple deliverability tools, such as inbox rotation, variable sending delays, email tracker, etc., to ensure your emails land in the primary inbox.
  • Send the same campaign to multiple inboxes: You can quickly scale your cold email outreach by adding multiple inboxes to an existing campaign. There’s no more dealing with duplicated campaigns and logging in and out of various accounts.
  • Cost-effective marketing: Aside from managing emails, it also serves as sales software. QuickMail removes the need for newsletters and other visual materials by engaging directly with customers.
  • Access to cold email templates: You have access to multiple email templates that can serve as your guide when sending cold emails.
  • Pricing: QuickMail offers a free AutoWarmer plan. Paid plans start from $59 per month, where you can send 500 emails per inbox per day.


3. Saleshandy


Saleshandy is a sales enablement tool that helps improve your sales productivity by allowing you to send bulk emails to your inbox lists. Plus, it improves your brand as they send the emails one by one, making them appear like you’re manually sending them.



Saleshandy Key Features:


  • Personalized email sequence: You can send customized email sequences to 5,000 contacts daily. Plus, you can personalize each email by adding First & Last Names, Designation, Location, and more.
  • Email deliverability: With Saleshandy, you can avoid sending emails that go straight to spam or Gmail promotion tabs. Through this, you can ensure that you deliver emails to your target inboxes.
  • Advanced metrics and analytics report: You’ll have access to detailed analytic reports of your email’s open rate, reply rate, click-through rate, bounce rate, etc. With access to this data, you can further optimize your sequence and increase the conversion rate.
  • Email warm-up: Saleshandy offers a feature to help warm up your email account and prepare for the outreach process. It also aids in building your reputation as an email sender.
  • Pricing: They offer a pro plan of $25 per user per month for growing teams and custom pricing for their Agency plan.


4. SmartReach


SmartReach is for advanced users looking for a feature-rich solution for cold emailing. It is a cold emailing software best for B2B companies.



SmartReach gives your emails a better chance of getting a reply because of its advanced hyper-personalization and scheduling features. Plus, they support email clients like GSuite, Office365, Outlook, and SendGrid.



SmartReach Key Features:


  • Custom send time for emails: You can schedule your emails to match your target audience’s time zone.
  • Automate outreach campaign: You have access to automatic follow-up features that eliminate the manual process and improve the response rate of your emails.
  • Run spam tests: Enabling spam tests can help you identify and fix email problems before sending them to your client list. SmartReach’s spam test reports assist you in checking any issues with email authentications, URL shorteners, broken links, and proper formatting. With this, you can ensure that your email goes to the primary inbox rather than spam.
  • Pricing: From $24 per user monthly.


5. Woodpecker


Woodpecker is one of the best cold emailing software tools because of its powerful features like reply detection and teamwork security. The software is a great tool for B2B companies that engage and communicate with prospects through automated personalized emails. Plus, it’s an excellent choice for teams that need to collaborate, share contact lists, and blacklist domains.



With Woodpecker, you can send your cold emails directly from Gmail, Office 365, or Exchange accounts. It also integrates with business tools like Zapier and Salesforce.



Woodpecker Key Features:


  • Email tracker: You can automatically track various email metrics, including data reports on open rate, click-through rate, and sent & delivered emails. You can also mark your campaign replies with interested, maybe later, or uninterested. Then, Woodpecker analyzes the number of positive responses, which can help you identify the email templates, subject lines, and links that are effective.
  • Campaign scheduling: Woodpecker allows you to schedule and follow-up emails to help you plan your emails and send them at the right time.
  • Personalized emails: You can give your mass cold emails a personal touch through custom fields and snippets. Woodpecker automates recipient details like First name, company name, and why you reached out to them.
  • Keep sender reputation safe: With Woodpecker’s real-time email list verification, deliverability monitor, and bounce shield, you can keep your reputation and campaigns safe. Plus, they have a unique algorithm that helps prevent mistakes like sending emails to someone who has already replied.
  • Pricing: From $49 per slot monthly. They also offer a free trial for 7 days.


Cold Emails with Warm Responses


There is plenty of cold emailing software available in the market today, and if you pick the right one—you’ll be high-fiving prospects in no time. 



The ones we listed here are just a few of the best tools to help you with your cold emailing needs. Each cold email platform offers various features at different prices, so you can choose the one that fits your budget and requirement.



More than cold emailing software, the best way to ensure that you get warm responses is to have high-quality content relevant to your target audience. Only then can you generate more sales and leads. 



But don’t worry. ScaleUpSales is here to help.



From creating persuasive email nurturing campaigns to engaging lead magnets for your website, our team of experts can scale your business beyond your imagination. Contact us today!