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Everybody Loves Content Writing, Even if they Say They Don’t. Here are the Stats to Prove It.

December 22, 2022

Blogging is dead, right? 






Whether it’s LinkedIn articles, Medium articles, or your company’s personal blog—they’re a hot opportunity. Across all your content marketing channels, there is a massive gap you need to fill if you really want to connect with your customers and stay top of mind.



We’ve seen firsthand how important content marketing is for business (hey, you’re reading this blog aren’t you?



Content marketing encompasses everything from blogs to social posts to even your newsletter. When you take full advantage and create content strategically, it can help you drive loyalty and, of course—drive sales. 



Now, let’s talk numbers. Here’s why absolutely everyone needs a content marketing strategy for their business:



1. 700M+ use AdBlockers


You may assume: “But if I pay for advertising, I don’t actually NEED to develop content?”



This strategy is flawed because more than 50% of all internet users use adblockers, which means they may not be able to see your ads in the first place. 



Let’s assume you’re using Google AdWords and you paid to be at the top of a highly sought-after search keyword. But the organically-ranked website below you has a better, eye-catching title because they invested in creative content writing. 



The user is still more likely to press on the link below than go to your ad, despite you spending money to rank there and them getting it for free. 



Moreover, with browsers like Brave automatically tuning out YouTube Ads, it’s important to start producing organic YouTube videos that can grow on their own without paid advertising. 



Yes, a paid marketing strategy is always great, but if we rely on it heavily for brand promotion in a time when ad blockers are embraced at such a large rate, we’re risking our future potential growth. 



2. 300% More Leads Than Search


Yup, content marketing brings in 3x more leads than paid search marketing. 



According to Hubspot’s latest “State of Marketing” report, content marketing is not only more effective at funnelling leads, but it’s also 60% cheaper compared to traditional marketing such as TV commercials and magazine ads. 



Sure, search marketing is still effective, but this study proves that when they go against each other, content marketing has the advantage. It is more budget-friendly in the long run too. 



To run a successful paid search campaign, you need a constant stream of cash—but you don’t need that with content marketing.



3. 44x ROI



According to the Content Marketing Institute, the average return on investment for content marketing is $44 for every $1 spent.



How does this make sense, you may ask? 



The reason is because you invest once and the content lasts forever.



Let’s say we’re running an e-commerce store and hire a copywriter to write sales copy for $10,000, but the store goes on to generate $500K+ in sales over the next year.



The content would keep converting prospects for years to come and the owner only had to pay once. And that, folks, is the power of a content marketing strategy over the long term and how it provides one of the largest ROIs compared to other marketing avenues.



4. 50+% of Young People Get Info Online


Long gone are the days when young people used to turn to the TV to get news or find information. According to Pew Research Center, most people in the 18-50 age bracket immediately turn to the internet to find the information they need.



If a young person has a problem, they’re most likely going to Google the solution to that problem. 



This presents an huge opportunity for marketers to strategically place their content there, and funnel them via content marketing.




Conversions based on article length (Image Source: Hubspot)



A study by Hubspot also showed that short blog posts under 3,000 words are the most effective for converting prospects in 2022.



Let’s say someone wants to know the best cat foods to keep her cat nutritious and living long. She Googles the term and ends up on your page where you give free information about cat food using content marketing. 



She likes the information and decides to check out your long, detailed book about pet nutrition and eventually, you get a paid customer.  Instead of pushing the product aggressively, you can organically convert prospects using content marketing.



5. 80% Of Marketers Do It



Everyone is doing content marketing. According to Hubspot, more than 80% of marketers use content writing and 60% say it is crucial for their sales funnel. 



If we account for the fact that it’s near impossible to sell without a content marketing strategy, we see why the vast majority of marketers try so hard at their strategy. 



Here’s the kicker: What works for one marketer might not work for you. 



If you’re a cybersecurity company, you might need to produce a series of long-form articles that will lure in readers and establish you as the authority. Whereas if you’re a social media platform, you might want to create short-form entertaining ads as TikTok did. 



Each marketing campaign requires a unique content preparation strategy before you bring out the big guns and start spending money on advertising.



Key Takeaways


If you want our opinion, content marketing is inevitable. To establish a brand, produce sales, or do any kind of meaningful online activity—you absolutely need a content marketing strategy. 



Everyone is doing it, but everyone does it their own way. Figure out the best approach for your business based on your unique skills & abilities as well as your marketing budget.



With ScaleUpSales, you’re assured of curated content that drives engagement and generates leads. Contact us today to see what we can do for you!