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How Do You Personalize a Large Cold Email Campaign? Is it Even Possible?

January 24, 2023

If there’s one thing salespeople will tell you regarding cold email outreach, it’s that it demands quantity. You can’t simply send 5 to 10 emails a day and assume to land a golden connection. 



You’ll need to send dozens, if not hundreds, of cold messages every day. But there’s a catch: Mass-emailing gets the job done, but impersonal emails don’t get opened or generate conversions.



But how in the world can you personalize a thousand or more cold emails?



Top 4 Ways to Personalize a Ton of Cold Emails


Cold email personalization at scale brings up problems that are difficult to resolve if you don’t get your ducks in a row. In a nutshell, mailbox services are quick to penalize but slow to forgive.



So here are 4 ways to personalize a huge cold email campaign without exhausting yourself:



1. Rely on Technology 


As your business and email campaign list expand, you’ll be tempted to still email every single one. But today’s businesses that reach 2, 4, or even 6 million emails per month will tell you—technological advances are already spectacular at keeping users engaged and satisfied, saving you precious time. 



Engaging on a personal level influences your bottom line these days, and technology tools personalize cold messages and campaign timing at scale without losing unique voice and quality of service. 



2. Use Multiple IP Addresses


If your contacts list were short, having two IP addresses that handle your transactional emails and your marketing messages would be acceptable. But having merely two IPs doesn’t work when you get into the millions—advertising emails can influence the quality and deliverability of transactional emails when they are sent from the same IP address. 



Consider win-back campaigns: These communications often have poor engagement rates since their target audience is already mostly unengaged. As a result, you may not want to send them from the same IP address as a Cyber Monday sales campaign, for example, since the poor interaction from the win-back email may interfere with the delivery of the promotional email.



Instead, separate your advertising or transactional communications for better outcomes.



3. Use Proper Warm Up Protocols


When adding additional IP addresses, gradually increase the amount of email you deliver over them to get your new address recognized and target software flaws.



Mailbox providers are hesitant to send a high quantity of mail from unfamiliar IP addresses, so warming up the amount helps you to demonstrate to your receivers that your email is desired.



Starting slowly also allows the sender to stop or slow down delivery if software problems are detected. This way, you can readjust your campaign plan without losing your reputation.



4. Avoid Media Hosts 


Many senders find it simpler to incorporate photos in emails via link shorteners or image-hosting sites.



However, if another recipient gets emails from other marketers who use the same hosting provider, their server may flag your content as less-valuable. That’s never good news. So avoid media hosts at all costs.



Top 6 Tips to Stay on Top of Big Cold Campaigns


Personalizing your big campaign is much less of a headache if you follow the above steps.



But as your audience ebbs and flows with trends, how do you keep up with all the adjustments? Here are some tips to keep the wheels rolling on any cold email campaign, especially big ones: 


  1. Email with permission. Develop your contacts list naturally and only message those who have agreed to receive your emails to avoid getting dropped in spam.
  2. Avoid affiliate marketing. Focus your marketing on your own business, not an affiliate’s. Advertising an affiliate business or associate may cause recipients to get confused, and they may label your email as spam.
  3. Respect the sunset policy. If receivers haven’t responded to your emails for some time, reduce your mailing frequency or exclude them entirely from your contacts list.
  4. Use your own address list. Never disclose your contact information with other companies or partners. This violates the conditions of service and will have your emails end up in the junk bin.
  5. Don’t force opt-in. Do not pre-select the emails you deliver to your receivers or email them all your marketing emails just because they gave an email address. Doing so is impersonal, and is a ticket for spam filtering.
  6. Double-check before you send. Before you hit send on your campaign, run a pre-send test to prevent typos, substitute tag mistakes, and render issues. No matter how big or small your campaign, you’ll be thanked with an untainted reputation.


Winning Big by Personalizing Large Cold Email Campaigns


You can recruit a group of researchers and invest thousands of dollars in marketing analytics only to have a 0% return rate because the service didn’t suit your audience.



Before your sales representatives begin crafting any cold emails, focus on choosing and personalizing an email template, categorizing your list according to significant criteria, and considering some of the email writing suggestions mentioned above.



You don’t have to do these yourself, Contact ScaleUpSales for a surefire solution to reach out to all your prospects—whether they’re in the hundreds or millions.