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How Startups Can Leverage Cold Emails to Scale

January 31, 2023

Over 33 million startups were registered in the US in 2022.



And it’s no surprise—opening a startup is amazingly easier and cheaper than it was 20 years ago. 



Why? Because we have access to so many resources that, if used properly, provide the best result without breaking the bank. However, it’s also true that 90% of startups fail, and 10% of startups close down before reaching their second year. 



One of the worst factors in startup failure is plain old not understanding your audience. They don’t know how to connect with more prospects or market their products and services to the right people.



What they fail to realize is that one of the best ways to know their audience is by running a cold email campaign. That’s right—cold outreach isn’t merely to reach new people. 



Here’s how startups can leverage cold emails to scale their business and avoid treacherous failure.



Cold Emailing for Driving Startups, Well, Up


It doesn’t matter if you’re in the B2C or B2B landscape. Either way, there are two main reasons why cold emailing is an excellent way for startups like you to grow a business:


  • Lead Generation: Cold emailing is an expensive and effective way to collect information about potential customers and target them through personalized emails. It’s a good way to find your first customers and new investors.
  • Networking: Cold emailing is a powerful tool to create more brand awareness of your business, even on a tight budget. As a small business, you can inform other companies and targeted clients about your products and services while increasing your reach.
  • Scalability: Many automation tools are available today that make the cold outreach process very easy to scale You can quickly ramp up your scales by adding more contacts to your email list and creating targeted campaigns.


But you also have to understand that cold email is different from spam.



While cold emails are highly targeted messages tailored to an individual or company, spam emails are generic messages sent out in bulk. Cold emails are uniquely crafted and personalized to the recipient’s interests; spam emails unsolicited, unwanted junk emails sent to an indiscriminate recipient list for commercial purposes. You’re going to want to avoid getting your emails tagged as spam.



We’ve written more about this in another article. Check it out! 



Cold Emailing vs. Using Social Media for Startups


Okay, at this point, you might be thinking that “email is dead, why am I going to invest my time there?” And we don’t blame you for that assumption.



In our current world run by social media, where everybody’s watching cat videos on Facebook, learning about new brands on TikTok, and networking on LinkedIn…



Why put additional effort into creating and sending emails when you can just use social media?



That’s a fair point, but email marketing can be more effective than social media marketing.



While both strategies have pros and cons, cold emailing has the edge when it comes to reaching out to a wide range of prospects in a short amount of time. It may feel like everyone’s on Facebook, Twitter, Tiktok, and Instagram—but the fact is, they’re not. 



You can throw all your money into social media, but it will take time for your content to reach your ideal clients because you have to work through the algorithm.



Email, on the other hand, is an essential part of people’s lives, especially for developing B2B leads. Many use it to check updates, plan their work, hold important information, and communicate with their team and customers. 



Basically, if you want to go where your ideal clients are, you should go to their email inboxes.



And if you’re not convinced, just take a look at these striking statistics between cold email and social media marketing:


Cold Email
Social Media
Return on Investment
Click-through Rate
Conversion Rate

Based on these numbers alone, it’s clear that you can achieve better results with email marketing than with social media. That’s why cold email outreach is still the preferred strategy of many startups looking to get more out of their investments.



How to Launch an Effective Cold Outreach for Startups


Launching a cold email campaign isn’t rocket science, but it definitely takes preparation to get started and achieve astounding results. Here are some tips that will help you get started:



1. Research Your Target Audience


Make sure you have a solid grasp of your ideal clients and what they need. You’ve got to really understand their challenges so you can angle your product or service to better help them resolve issues.



Sending an irrelevant email to your prospective client just wastes your time and money. After all, why would a chef be curious about the newest gaming chair you’ve invented? It just doesn’t make sense.



Research each of your prospects before you send them an email. If possible, you can leverage your current customers and talk to them about how your product helped them overcome hurdles.



2. Keep the Email Short and Sweet


Your email body should be concise. Avoid using too technical language, and don’t include irrelevant information. This way, you can focus your messaging on providing information on your offer without blabbing too much.



And get it out there—don’t wait around until the end to let your readers know about what you offer. When readers have an idea of what your message is all about from the get-go, chances are they’ll read the whole email body to learn more.



Here’s your challenge: keep your email short enough for the reader to read and reply in under a minute.



3. Personalize Your Message


Sending a generic message is such an obvious mistake—you don’t want to fall into that trap. So, ensure that each email is personalized for the recipient, not just a copy-paste.



You can personalize your emails by including your prospect’s name, job title, and even industry-specific issues or challenges they’re facing. Doing so makes your readers feel like you specifically wrote the email for them—the full expectation of 71% of consumers.



You can also leverage software to help you customize your email template so you don’t have to strain yourself writing individual emails. 



Remember, a little personalization helps build rapport with your readers and avoid giving the vibes that you’re only mass-spamming everyone on your email list.



Grow Your Business With Cold Email


Cold emailing is still the way to go for startups if they want to increase their customer base. It’s an effective and affordable way of reaching out to your ideal clients.



Following the tips here, you can launch a successful cold outreach campaign to help your startup stand out from the competition and get more out of your investments.



Not confident with launching a cold outreach campaign on your own? Don’t worry. You can always partner with experts like ScaleUpSales to do the heavy lifting for you. Contact us today!