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How to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone and Own Your Cold Email Strategy

January 16, 2023

Bruce Lee once said, “All fixed set patterns are incapable of adaptability or pliability. The truth is outside of all fixed patterns.



All your life, you’ve probably received advice to get out of your comfort zone.



And cold email outreach is no exception.



Our daily lives and the way we engage online and with business are constantly changing. So, cold outreach should stay in the flow. Companies must be willing to step out of their old cold email strategies to engage with their evolving audiences and increase conversions and sales.



Companies that stand out from the crowd today are transforming their cold emails and compelling a new level of client engagement that we’ve never seen.



Here’s the old, the new, and how you should go about cold email marketing in today’s business climate.



The Old Ways of Doing Cold Outreach


Ever since the old days, cold email outreach has been an effective way of getting in front of potential clients without spending much time and money. 



Here are 3 ways companies did cold outreach before:



1. Straightforward Messages


In the past, cold email outreach used to be quite straightforward. It was cold. Companies sent email messages asking, do you need our help? Give us a ring!



Of course, it’s not entirely wrong to be straightforward. But remember to provide value to your potential clients. A customer doesn’t need your service unless you tell them why they need it. Explain what they’re missing out on.



2. Mass Emails


Cold email outreach used to be done in bulk. Marketers sent hundreds of cold emails at a time, to anyone (and, it seems, everyone). They didn’t account for personalization and customization.



Today, this cold irrelevancy is spam, which may hurt your company’s reputation. In effect, connecting with your potential customers or partners is more complex. 



We crave human connection, and we tend to engage with real people. So, don’t shy away from being real—be you and be conversational. Tailor your message to your desired audience.



3. Low-Quality Content


Back in the day, some companies sent cold emails with low-quality content that lacked information. This makes cold email campaigns less effective and often results in low open and conversion rates.



Today, the best marketers speak to their client’s desire to learn and engage. Let’s discuss this more.



The New Ways of Doing Cold Outreach


If you want to own your cold email strategy, it’s crucial to understand how cold email outreach has evolved. Today, cold email outreach is more strategic and innovative than in its beginnings.



Here are 3 new cold email trends businesses to be aware of: 



1. Personalization and Customization


Personalization and customization are key in the cold email strategy world.



You’ve probably heard that tailoring your emails is vital to your campaign’s success. It’s true—the stats show that advanced personalized emails have an average response rate of 17%, compared to a 7% response rate for personalization-less email campaigns.



To make it easier, you can also use cold email templates to ensure you have everything you need to say in the email while remaining conversational.



What You Can Do: 


When crafting your email, include around three snippets of unique information about your prospects that you’ve come across while doing research. For example, you can either praise their blog, congratulate them, or talk about something they’ve written in their profile.



But, the saying: “too much of anything is bad,” is also applicable here. There’s a thin line between being interested and coming across as a stalker. Reference public and easily accessible information in emails to your prospective clients.



2. Content-Focused Cold Emails


You should focus on creating informative, engaging, and valuable content for your potential customers and partners. High-quality, curated content helps you build trust and credibility with your cold email recipients. It also increases the chances that they’ll respond positively and take action.



Remember that your prospects may not know about your company and services. So, don’t assume that they know more than they do.



Keep your tone modest yet confident—don’t pitch grandiose claims slathered in exclamation marks and plastered with graphics. These kinds of emails get deleted, and deserve it: they take forever to load and sound annoying. 



Instead, spend your time carefully crafting a quality subject line that’s personal and to the point to get your email opened, then reward your reader with content that proves the email’s worth from hello to CTA. 



What You Can Do: 


Cold emailing is more effective when you do not blast a generic and robotic message to your list of prospects. Instead, be more interesting and helpful with your content. 



For example, tell a story that resonates with your recipients. Include calls to action in each campaign to direct your readers to where they need to go or what they should do next.



3. Automated Cold Emails


Cold email automation lets you schedule, track, and optimize your emails over time. Automating can help you save time and resources and reach cold email recipients at the right time with the right message.



These are 3 benefits you can enjoy when you automate your cold emails:


  • Reduced costs: Automation software will do the heavy lifting for you, so there’s no need for a large sales team to send cold emails daily. Plus, you can send timely follow-up emails and stop worrying that you’re missing something. 
  • Increased brand awareness: Your campaign becomes more consistent, organized, and professional with automated cold outreach. And when your clients receive relevant emails at the right time, they’re more likely to read your message—resulting in greater responsiveness.
  • Higher Return On Investment (ROI): You can use email automation workflows for a lead nurturing system that significantly increases conversion rates. Once your system learns how and when to approach your leads, you can speed up the conversion process.


What You Can Do:


Take advantage of cold email automation tools to make cold email outreach easier and faster. Automated cold emails can help you increase your cold email response rate, as well as your ROI.



Ready to Level Up Your Cold Emails? 


Cold email outreach can help you grow your business, but it requires a well-thought-out strategy. By understanding the new trends in cold email outreach, you can craft cold emails that stand out from the crowd and compel recipients to take action.



So, get out of your comfort zone and start taking advantage of cold email outreach to grow your business. Use personalized cold emails, focus on creating content-focused cold emails, and automate cold emails with cold email automation tools to maximize cold email response rates and increase ROI. 



With the right strategy in place, cold email outreach can be a powerful tool for companies looking to expand their reach and grow their business.



Need help in getting out of your comfort zone and starting a cold outreach campaign that’s relevant and updated? StartUpSales can be your partner in achieving success. Contact us today!