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How to Skyrocket IT Company Sales With Cold Outreach Tools

June 20, 2023

The US tech industry is made up of over 585,000 businesses, and each business offers a unique technological solution for consumers and companies. Just think—that much information from hundreds of thousands of companies must cause massive information overload for consumers.



Unless you’re Apple or Google, your little (in comparison) business has got to fight tooth and nail to get customers to notice the products and services you offer, and the success of your business in such a competitive landscape depends on your ability to get your audience’s undivided attention—and cold outreach is the way.



Cold outreach cuts through marketing thickets, allowing you to connect with potential customers and build relationships. The cold outreach toolkit holds several critical tools designed to help IT companies reach out to qualified leads and generate more sales with minimal effort. 



In this article, we’ll introduce you to the five best cold email outreach tools to meet and connect with your prospects and, of course, skyrocket your sales.



#1: Automate Email Campaigns


Cold outreach tools offer many automation features to help marketers like you smoothen the process of reaching out to prospects. This saves you so much time as the tool does most of the heavy lifting for you. 



If you’re choosing a cold emailing tool, look for tools that can automate the following:


  • Email creation: Provides email templates or generates most of your email body according to your target audience
  • Email list creation: Segments prospects, which helps you ensure you’re only sending relevant content to each set of email lists
  • Mass email personalization: Automatically collates information about your prospects, including full name, job, and company, to help you put a personal touch to your emails
  • Sending: Allows sending in bulk and cold email scheduling including follow-up emails, to help you reach your potential customers at the right time and create a better prospecting experience with minimal effort


#2: Target The Right People


Cold outreach tools come with advanced targeting capabilities. The tools help you narrow your search to target the right people in a specific industry or company interested in your tech product or service.



This is especially important for tech companies, given that 42% of IT companies find it difficult to find and approach potential leads. But, more than that, automation overcomes the tech industry’s challenge in adapting to the evolution of its audience.



So, by using a powerful cold outreach tool, you can arm yourself with the ability to quickly segment your prospects into different target groups and customize messages for each individual. Segmenting your list helps you ensure that everyone within the list receives relevant content and increases your chances of getting responses. Moreover, efficiently using well-designed filters enables you to identify ideal leads.



#3: Personalize Emails


Personalization is essential to cold email outreach as it helps you reach potential customers by 89%. That’s because more and more consumers deem it necessary to feel like companies are trying to talk to them personally for something relevant—whether individual consumers or B2B decision makers.



In fact, personalized emails drive 6x more transactions compared to non-personalized email outreach campaigns. Reports have continuously shown how personalization can improve your overall campaign that delivers actual results. And with cold outreach tools, you can create emails with dynamic personalization as the tool automatically collects public information about your recipient. 



This means you can insert recipient data into your emails to make them more relevant and engaging. You can also use triggers or tags to quickly customize each email based on the recipient’s needs, interests, company size, or job title—leading to increased engagement and more sales opportunities.



As IT companies grow at breakneck speeds and continuously improve products and services, efficiency and effectiveness are vital. You need to spread information quickly about your new features, and cold outreach tools can help you do just that.



#4: Analyze Results and Re-Engage Leads


Once you’ve sent out your cold emails, the tool can help you analyze the overall performance of your campaign, including:


  • Open rates
  • Click-through rates
  • Bounce rates
  • Email deliverability rates
  • Response rates
  • Unsubscribe rates


These insights help you identify which strategies are working and which leads are more likely to convert and prioritize them accordingly. The tool can also help you re-engage with prospects who haven’t replied to your emails yet.



You can continue building relationships by sending follow-up emails that are personalized and tailored to the individual recipient. As a result, you create a loyal customer base and convert more leads into paying customers.



#5: Collaborate With Your Team


You can use cold outreach tools to collaborate more effectively if you have a larger sales team or multiple people handling your outreach efforts.



Most tools offer the following for collaboration:


  • Shared dashboard: As tech people always want efficiency, tools can help you by eliminating the need for multiple data for different people doing the outreach. Your whole team’s campaign will be in one dashboard for easier monitoring
  • Inbox rotation: To engage your prospects, you can regularly rotate inboxes to change who emails are sent by. This way, your potential customer feels like your company really wants to reach out to them and increase their chances of responding to your message
  • Team performance: With analytics available in a cold outreach tool dashboard, you can measure and analyze your team’s individual and overall performance. This way, you can ensure no one falls behind on an outreach task. It also provides you with shared reports to see how each individual is doing so you can identify which strategies are working or not, allowing you to optimize your approach accordingly


Use Cold Outreach Tools To Grow Your Company


Finding the right prospects and convincing them to buy your products or services can be difficult and time-consuming. There are just so many things to consider, and on top of that, you have to ensure that everyone is working together efficiently constantly.



With the help of cold outreach tools, you can find the right people, craft personalized messages, and engage your leads with minimal effort. You can let the tools do all the heavy lifting, allowing you to focus on what’s important—building relationships while increasing your sales, ultimately helping you grow your IT company to unprecedented heights.



Cold outreach tools, however, have extensive learning curves that may cause delays in your campaign, and it will take time before you can fully maximize its benefits. But, no need to worry. You can always partner with cold outreach experts who have already mastered different tools like ScaleUpSales to jumpstart your campaign immediately. 



We can do the nitty-gritty of cold outreach campaigns while you focus on other essential activities in your company, like improving your products and services.



Generate customers and boost your company’s growth through cold email outreach. Contact us today!