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Let’s Chat About the Latest (And Actually Worthwhile) Trends in LinkedIn Outreach

January 13, 2023

Businesses have been hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic, Ukraine War, and other factors. As a result, many B2B companies have had to recuperate from lost revenue as they struggle to stay afloat.



Your business may be swimming in the same deep waters right now.



Given that, many brands and companies now turn to LinkedIn for connecting with potential customers via outbound lead generation, all to try and boost their sales. But is it a good platform for B2B outreach? And, if so, what emerging strategies for 2023 are good enough for you to follow for guaranteed success?



You don’t want to waste your resources, after all. Or you’ll drag yourself down under the waters.



So, let’s discuss the latest and worthwhile trends on LinkedIn Outreach today.



Why LinkedIn Outreach?


LinkedIn offers several reasons why it’s the best platform to do outreach, including:


    • The number of Professional Users: LinkedIn has over 875 million global members, with 180 million users (25%) having senior-level influence (e.g., 10 million are C-Level executives). This presents an opportunity for B2B businesses to market themselves and reach the right people.
    • Professional search tools: With LinkedIn, you can easily search for your ideal clients by subscribing to the LinkedIn Sales Navigator. What sets it apart from other search tools is that you can filter people by their company size, industry, and years of experience, among many others.
    • Flexible usability: LinkedIn is a flexible and versatile platform to do your outreach. You can use it and maximize its feature regardless of whether your strategy for generating leads is an aggressive and prospect-churning or calm and warm approach.


It goes without saying that opting for an evolved LinkedIn outreach strategy in 2023 allows you to stay ahead of the competition and, ultimately, maximize your return on investment (ROI). Still, merely being on LinkedIn won’t be as effective as pursuing the right strategy.



So, here are 5 trends that are worth following for your LinkedIn campaign:



1. Become a Thought Leader


The concept of thought leadership is nothing new, but it has become increasingly important in the era of digital disruption. In 2023, focusing on becoming a thought leader in your industry equals establishing yourself as a trusted authority and differentiate your business from the competition.



That status alone is worth more than money can buy.



So, to become a thought leader on LinkedIn, invest in content marketing and create high-quality, original content that adds value to your industry. The key is never to sell yourself short–you don’t want to become a victim of misplaced humility. Instead, share content that shows your accomplishments or proves your unique expertise in the industry.



Here are 5 content types you can leverage on LinkedIn, all ideally posted from your profile:


  • Blog posts
  • Research reports
  • Case studies
  • Short videos
  • Webinars
  • Whitepapers


Moreover, keep your posts engaging with other thought leaders in your industry and participate in conversations that allow them to notice your presence. You want people to notice you–both potential customers and professionals that can attest to your authority.



2. Increased Use of LinkedIn Sales Navigator


In the past year, increasingly more companies are subscribing to LinkedIn Sales Navigator to improve their social selling. Simply put, it’s an automation tool designed specifically for the platform, so you free up more time on your hands while ensuring that everything runs smoothly.



With the tool, you can do the following:


  • Advanced Search Filters: Find the right audience for relevant and high-quality connections.
  • Custom Lists: Customize your prospect lists to track your leads efficiently and effectively.
  • Lead Recommendations: Get accurate recommendations to quickly discover the right people.


The tool is a great way to streamline your outreach processes and maximize efficiency and stray away from the usual copy-paste method. But, it’s only effective when used correctly.



The best way is to slowly integrate LinkedIn Sales Navigator into your operations (don’t rush!), and provide your sales team with the right training to maximize its benefits. You shouldn’t just rely on the training provided by LinkedIn because it barely scratches the surface. You will need good training with good processes and post-training support and coaching that can help you get the results you want.



For example, you can start training your sales team to:


  • Effectively lead and manage account lists properly using the tool
  • Quickly determine high-quality leads and make follow-up conversations
  • Wisely integrate other LinkedIn automation tools to track leads and content


By training your team how to properly use and maximize LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you can get ahead in generating more quality leads and boosting your response and conversion rate.



3. Hyper-personalized Content


Content is king, they say. And it’s true.



But, let’s be real–writing the perfect message that generates replies and engagement is hard, especially when you’re writing to thousands of prospects.



Well, one thing that companies do to increase their response rate in their cold outreach is by hyper-personalizing their content. What do we mean by this?



It’s personalization but taken to a much higher level.



Hyper-personalization involves working with real-time data to deliver relevant offers, content, and customer experience to each prospect. Doing so increases the effectiveness of your outreach.



To do this successfully, you will need to integrate automation tools and analytics into your marketing processes. This allows you to collect the data needed for hyper-personalization in real-time and deliver content that’s tailored specifically to each individual user.



You can also leverage AI technology like natural language processing (NLP) to analyze the conversations between your sales reps and their prospects. With NLP, you can uncover customers’ individual needs so that you can speak to them directly in a way that addresses the issues they face.



By understanding the interests of your prospects and delivering hyper-personalized content, you will be able to increase engagement with your leads and drive better results from your campaigns.



4. Improved LinkedIn Ads


LinkedIn Ads lets you reach out to potential customers who will likely become leads. Ads help you avoid spending time building a base of prospects. Instead, you can focus on the best ad campaigns for your business–not just random ones.



You can customize your ads according to budget, demographics, and interests to target the right people without wasting resources. Plus, with the newly-improved LinkedIn marketing algorithm, you can now  access analytics data to help you measure and monitor the success of each ad campaign within the campaign manager.



LinkedIn is continuously working to help you reach better prospects, whether to increase potential profile traffic, lead generation, or brand awareness. More than that, you can now personalize your ads to allow prospects to easily see your specific offers.



Launch a Stellar LinkedIn Outreach With These Trends


Lead generation on LinkedIn has grown into a specialized field of its own, but you don’t have to worry about covering every single trend that’s emerging today.



Instead, for 2023, you’ll do yourself a favor by focusing on using LinkedIn Sales Navigator correctly, hyper-personalizing your content, and using the platform’s ads feature to your advantage. That way, you’ll create an effective LinkedIn lead-generation campaign that directly propels your B2B success. 



Still, while easily identifiable trends can help steer your efforts in the right direction, not everyone has the skill set needed to turn these ideas into reality.



If you’re still not confident about launching your own LinkedIn outreach campaign, our team at ScaleUpSales can do the heavy lifting for you. With us, you’re guaranteed advanced knowledge in launching a LinkedIn outreach campaign with tangible results–faster than doing it on your own, too.



Contact us today. Let’s work together to launch a LinkedIn outreach with impressive conversion rates!