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The Final Verdict: What’s the Best Time to Post on LinkedIn?

January 2, 2023

As they say, timing is everything. Imagine your post appearing right when people check their LinkedIn profile, first on their feeds—that’s timing.



If you are looking to make the greatest impact and net the most engagement, it makes sense to post your LinkedIn content when people are online. Out of its 185 million user base, 16.2% or 29.97 million people are active on the social networking platform every single day.



And like any other form of social media marketing, marketers have also searched far and wide for the best schedule to post on LinkedIn. Our clients ask us about it all the time, too. So, we wrote this article to put your troubles at ease by giving the final verdict on when to post on LinkedIn.



When Should You Post on LinkedIn?


According to Sprout Social, a social media management and intelligence platform, the best posting schedules for LinkedIn are as follows:


  • Best times for LinkedIn posts: Tuesdays, 10 AM to 12 PM
  • Best days for LinkedIn posts: Wednesdays and Thursdays
  • Worst days for LinkedIn posts: Weekends


As you can already tell, these posting schedules align with the standard workweek schedule, which is understandable since LinkedIn is primarily a professional social networking platform. The trend tends to follow a curve from the start of the day, increasing as midday (lunch break) approaches, then dies down as people sign off from work. 



It is also why it increases across the week, hitting its peak from Tuesday, Wednesday, to Thursday, before declining for the weekend.



Since its users are mostly working and business professionals, LinkedIn content usually focuses on career advice, growth, and thought leadership—giving insight and inspiration during an employee’s working day.



On the other hand, it comes as no surprise that Saturdays and Sundays are the posting schedules with the least engagement potential. These are weekends and rest days for most jobs. While there are 24/7 jobs or those that operate on weekends, the lack of the standard office workforce takes away a significant portion of the potential market.



So unless you have a good reason to do something different—you’ll want to stick to this.



Other Considerations for Your LinkedIn Posting Schedule


Although the optimal posting dates and times are already available, you would be wise to remember that it is not perfect. To make this posting schedule work for you, consider the following factors:



1. Think About Timezones


For most of the world, office hours remain largely the same. The traditional American business hours of 9 AM to 5 PM, Monday to Friday, don’t differ much from the standard office hours in Singapore, which range from 9 AM to 6 PM. So when posting for local audiences, there shouldn’t be any problem.



However, working with a more diverse audience could require serious consideration.



It helps to remember the main purpose of posting on your LinkedIn page which could be reasons like to:


  • Facilitate regular engagement and build brand recognition
  • Pique audience interest and generate leads
  • Use it as a passive lead nurturing tool to build rapport with your audience


Naturally, depending on your priority, you might need to tweak your posting schedule. If you’re targeting people on the other side of the world, remember that your business hours might be their sleeping time and vice versa.



Pro Tip: Use a social media scheduler to plan ahead and post your content any time of day!



If you’re catering to multiple sites across the world, here’s where it gets tricky. You can focus on the schedule of your ideal audience. On the other hand, if you already enjoy a steady engagement with a certain region, you can also switch up to engage with a new audience. 



As with any marketing strategy, you’ve gotta experiment and test which setup will get you the most engagement.



2. Use Automated Tools


We hinted at this earlier, but basically it’s well worth getting a social media planning tool. Trust us. For starters, you can use automated tools for posting content when you need to be elsewhere. LinkedIn knows this, and it even offers the LinkedIn Scheduler feature as a built-in tool.



You can also sync your Microsoft Office365 or Google Calendar with the Scheduler and automate certain tasks, such as sending responses or posting content. For posting, just drag and drop from your local media library and onto your calendar.



Next, choose the time and date you want your content to be published. Add the caption and the hashtags you need, and save your post. And voila. Your post will automatically be published on your profile.



If you have multiple marketing channels, then there is also other third-party scheduling tools you can choose from. That way, you can streamline your social media strategy and automate everything even while you sleep.



3. Target Market


Not everyone has the same office hours. As such, certain brands and businesses may benefit more from different posting schedules. I know I know. You’re probably wondering why we would contradict ourselves—but hey you’ve gotta know the rules before you break them.



Here are a few certain exceptions to the typical posting times:


  • Businesses in the service industry operate 24/7. Hotels, restaurants, bars, and convenience stores are some establishments where employees work odd hours.
  • Manufacturing plants that work on shifting schedules. Some of them require employees to report to 12-hour shifts for four days a week, with rotating shifts often including weekends.


If your business caters to these industries, you might also need to experiment with your posting schedules. With analytics tools, you can easily monitor your engagement levels for every post, across a specific time range.



Remember, your content should meet your audience. 



Post at times when they are more likely to see your posts—even if you do have to break the rules. 



Why Should You Schedule Your LinkedIn Posts?


By posting strategically instead (of all willy nilly)—you’ll attract a bigger audience and boost your odds of generating inbound leads. And here are a few stats to justify that claim in case you’re a data nut like us:



  1. A large part of LinkedIn’s user base has the ability to make decisions. LinkedIn itself reveals that about 61 million users are already senior-level executives, while another 40 million are decision-makers in their respective organizations.
  2. Among professional and business-related content, LinkedIn ranks only behind email as the preferred platform.
  3. Aside from the usual platforms, Econsultancy reveals that LinkedIn drives 64% of all visits to B2B platforms.


So, don’t make your life harder by posting chaotically. Be strategic. 



Nail Down LinkedIn Schedule


Now that you have learned the best time to post your LinkedIn content, ensure that you have quality content  to make the most out of your optimized schedule. But of course—doing all that yourself is far from easy.



So, why not outsource to experts who have already done it?



At Scale Up Sales, we’re an industry leader in bringing you sales opportunities through outbound marketing, as well as advertising and lead generation. By teaming up with us, you make sure that all aspects of your marketing arm, be it in LinkedIn or otherwise, are raised to the highest standards.



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