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Top 4 Email Templates for Recruiters In 2023

August 8, 2023

When was the last time you’ve hired someone through emails and Zoom calls? Chances are, you haven’t stopped doing it ever since COVID-19 pushed everybody to adapt to virtual means. 



As the post-pandemic landscape continues to unfold, many recruiters like you aren’t planning to go back to 100% in-person processes anytime soon. Talent professionals prefer to continue conducting the recruitment process virtually, LinkedIn predicts virtual will remain the top recruitment strategy, and virtual recruitment addresses job seeker passivity by allowing recruiters to proactively connect with prospects.



Still, finding the right candidate and taking the right approach for positive responses isn’t a walk in the park—and that’s where recruitment via cold email comes in, being an effective recruitment method for you to get in touch with prospects and hire the best talents in the field.



In this article, you’ll find four types of recruitment templates to connect with ideal candidates in line with 2023’s hiring trends. 



Recruitment Template for a Referred Candidate


The following template is best used when someone has referred a candidate to you and you’d want to get in touch with them to talk about the position. Referred candidates are off to a good start because they were vouched for through mutual connections, although you’ll still have to do your due diligence.



Here are the most important elements of a recruitment email for referred candidates:


  • Let the candidate know that they were referred to in the subject line.
  • Greet the recipient with their first name.
  • Introduce yourself and your role in the company.
  • Mention the name of the mutual connection.
  • Introduce the position that you want to recruit them for.
  • Introduce your company.
  • Link to your company website with the job description page.
  • Suggest setting up a call so they know the next steps.


The main goal of this recruitment email is to ensure that you get your message across. Communicating clearly seems an obvious requirement for any marketing material, but clear communication isn’t in a vacuum—Being understood depends on using the right style and tone with the right audience.



A recruitment pitch to a referred candidate mustn’t sound out of the blue—take the time to introduce who you are, and the business you represent, and confidently explain how the candidate was recommended to you and that you are privileged to offer them a position that you’re convinced they’ll fit.



Here’s a template to use for a candidate that was referred to you:


Subject line: Michael Referred You for a Graphic Designer Position with Great Work Company


Hi Robert,


Get ready, because your day is about to get better.


Your colleague Michael Williams showed me your work and it’s impressive to say the least. As a recruiter from Great Work Company, I’d like to offer you an opportunity to work with us as Senior Graphic Designer. If you’d like to know more about the role, here is the job description in our website:




If you’re interested in the position and want to know more about the company, let me know when you’re free so I can schedule a call with you. We can’t wait to add you to our team.


Best regards, 


Bruce Miller


Recruiter at Great Work Company



Recruitment Template for a LinkedIn Candidate


LinkedIn is a rich candidate source for recruiters, as the platform boasts 875 million users as of February 2023—you’re bound to find a professional that best fits the role you’re looking to fill. A quick search with filters according to your criteria will provide plenty of prospects, all of which you can connect with through LinkedIn messages or cold emails.



Here’s a list of the key elements of the recruitment template for a LinkedIn candidate:


  • Let the candidate know that their LinkedIn profile captured your attention in the subject line.
  • Inform the candidate that after reading through their LinkedIn profile, you think they are a perfect fit for the position that you are offering—include several reasons as to why.
  • Include a short description of your company (with a link to the website for more information), and find a way to bridge the company’s direction with the candidate’s capability.
  • Call-to-action closer for the reader to take next steps.


While LinkedIn has a rich source of skilled professionals for you to find the right candidate for a job, many of them are passive candidates—requiring direct recruitment outreach to connect with. So introduce yourself, build a relationship with the candidates, and expand your network to get successful recruits and add to your long list of future recruitments.



Here’s a template to use for a candidate you found on LinkedIn:


Subject line: Francesca, We Want You as Category Manager at Shop Web!


Hey Francesca, 


Are you looking to grow your career? We sure hope so, because we’d like to have you as our Category Manager at Shop Web, the #1 online shopping platform in the United States.


I chanced upon your LinkedIn profile while searching for potential candidates, and suffice to say, your experience and achievements in the eCommerce field have stood out from other prospects. If you’d like to know more about the position of Category Manager at Shop Web, take a look at your website:




Interested to know more about this opportunity? Let me know what day you’re free next week for us to hop on a quick call. We’re looking forward to having you on board.


Best regards,


Janice Michaelson


Recruiter at Shop Web



Follow-Up Recruitment Template for a Hard-To-Reach Candidate 


Let’s say you’ve found the right candidate, but they didn’t respond. Don’t hold it against them—reach out one more time. They could’ve been away on vacation or swamped with work. You just have to nudge your previous email to get the ball rolling.



Here are the components you should never forget in follow-up recruitment emails:


  • Remind the candidate about your previous email in the subject line.
  • Provide more information regarding the opportunity, and that you are open to addressing questions and hesitations they may have.
  • Attach or include material for them to browse, such as the company brief, job description, and other materials to pique their interest.
  • Drive urgency (perhaps even scarcity of the position) to create perceived value of the opportunity and encourage the prospect to respond immediately.


Candidate follow-up emails provide a means of keeping the recruitment process open and transparent, allowing companies to clearly express their interest in a candidate. These kinds of emails serve as a reminder to candidates that you’re very interested in hiring them, plus, following up is a great opportunity for more thorough dialogue that can build your network.



Here’s a template to use for following up with a candidate that’s hard to reach:


Subject line: Don’t Miss this Opportunity to be the Senior Software Engineer in Software & Tear Co.


Hi Jessica, 


You might be busy and have overlooked my previous email. Not to worry, I’ll reintroduce myself and the opportunity to work with one of the fastest emerging software companies in the United States.


I’m Andrea, a recruit for Software & Tear Co., and I’m thoroughly impressed with the achievements and experience you have as a software engineer. I think you’d be the perfect addition to our team, having the skills to design and develop effective software solutions to meet our clients’ requirements. We work with the likes of Samsung and Nintendo.


If you’d like to know more about the role, here are helpful links:


  • www.softwareandtearco.com/aboutus
  • www.softwareandtearco.com/jobopportunities/softwareengineer
  • www.softwareandtearco.com/ongoingprojects


Our software engineering team will fill this position within the week, so I’d like to encourage you to submit your application as soon as possible. Let me know when you’re free to hop on a call, and we can discuss any other concerns you might have.




Andrea Gonzales


Recruiter at Software & Tear Co.



Recruitment Template for a Previous Contact


If you’re keeping in touch with previous candidates that you already know will fit the bill, you might want to reach out to them about a job opening. Just because things didn’t work out during the last interaction with the candidate doesn’t mean they aren’t the perfect fit this time around, and this template will speed up and narrow down your search.



Here are the most important components of this template to ensure that the candidate is reminded of how the two of you are connected to regain trust:


  • Verify that the candidate still has the same contact information.
  • Create a new email thread to make sure the previous candidate sees your message.
  • Provide a quick summary of how you know each other.
  • Include a short but convincing description of the new opportunity you’re offering.


Here’s a template to use for following up with a candidate you’ve connected with before:


Subject line: We’ve Found Your New Job: Sales Manager at Home Haven Inc.


Hi Daryl,


It’s been awhile since our last interaction in February regarding the Sales Strategist job. But I’ve found a new opportunity for you to grow your career as a sales representative.


Home Haven Inc. is looking to hire a Sales Manager who can bring industry expertise into their sales strategies. Your profile came up during our discussions, as we see how valuable of an addition you’ll be to our growing sales department. We keep high-potential candidates such as yourself on our radar, so we’re hoping that our timing is better this time around.


Here’s a link to know more about the role:




Let me know when we can set up a quick meeting to discuss this opportunity.




Sophia Burns


Recruiter at Home Haven Inc.



Connect With Potential Candidates


Thousands of emails get sent every day and you want to get your candidate’s attention with just one or two at most. Virtual recruitment is here to stay, so why not master professional email etiquette to get ahead of the competition?



Any of these templates we shared are effective in connecting with potential candidates. Try them out and see for yourself. You might just land an all-star candidate to complete your team.



Do you need more help with recruitment via cold outreach? Our team at ScaleUpSales are experts at growing your network and connecting with professionals of all levels. Get in touch today.