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Top 5 Cybersecurity Email Templates to Get More Clients

April 24, 2023

The cybersecurity industry is booming, and it’s no wonder why. Two out of three companies have already experienced a data breach, and in 2022 alone, cybersecurity attacks cost companies $6 trillion in damages



However, just because you’re in the business of cybersecurity doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed to make money. Actually, there are 3,500 cybersecurity companies just in the US, which means you’re in for a lot of competition.



Luckily, cold email outreach is still an effective method of finding potential clients. But, ironically, spam filters can often make it difficult to contact those potential clients. In fact, only 1% of all cold email recipients bother responding.



If you’re not getting replies, either your list sucks, or your email sucks, or both. But these five templates have been proven to work, so steal them and customize them for your audience to get better results ASAP.



Template #1: Present the Problem While Highlighting the Solution


In cybersecurity, you have a ready problem to address: data breaches. In short, you already have your “in” with prospects.



Your issue now is just standing out against other cybersecurity companies. You can accomplish the task by highlighting the key selling points of your product. For example, you can call attention to your price point if your cybersecurity solution provides enormous benefits for a reasonable price. Alternatively, you can highlight the effectiveness of your product. Some other examples include:


  • “Product xxx is 99% effective in preventing data breaches.”
  • “Product xxx provides the latest protocols against common hacking tactics.”
  • “We continuously update our security definitions to prevent attacks from the latest threats.”


Once you’ve got your selling points, A/B test them to see which benefit appeals to your audience most. For instance, send 50 emails highlighting the price point and another 50 highlighting quick updates. If emails that highlight your competitive prices get more replies, use that template for that particular buyer persona. 



By drawing attention to your product’s unique features, prospective clients gain more confidence in your cybersecurity solution’s effectiveness—resulting in an effective lead generation strategy.



Template #2: Ask for the Right Point of Contact


Starting with sales talk rarely lands you prospects. Instead, beginning a conversation by instigating your reader’s emotions generates more positive responses. In this case, you want to stoke a prospect’s curiosity using the “right contact” template. 



The template targets points of contact who rarely open sales emails. But, by using the right point of contact template, you bypass the sales-y vibe starting from the subject line. Instead of something like: “use product xxx to guarantee data security,” you’ll stoke prospects’ interests by saying:


  • “Are you the right person for security concerns?”


Just from the subject line, you’re already piquing the interest of your prospective customer. But besides that, you’re also ensuring you’re in contact with the best person that can secure a lead.



Here’s an example email to give you an idea of what the right point of contact template looks like:



Hello, Frank 


I’m writing to confirm whether you’re the best person in (company name) to make decisions regarding cybersecurity.


I’ve contacted (colleague) to find out who’s in the best position to make decisions about (company’s) cybersecurity concerns. If you’re the person for the job, I’d love to talk about (your company). Let me know when you’re free so that we can schedule a call.


(Your company) helps businesses secure their vital data from malicious threats, including barring access to your customer’s log-in and private information. Companies in the same industry, like (other company a) and (other company b), employ our services with satisfying results.


If you’re the right person to talk to about cybersecurity, what does your schedule look like? If not, could you direct me to the right person for the job?


Best regards,


Bob Bobbert


123 Associated



Template #3 Building Rapport


Starting with a thoughtful message can be an effective way to land a new client. Rapport building is effective cause it enhances your prospect’s impression of you. Instead of looking like a greedy salesperson trying to secure a new client, you’ll come off as someone who has a relationship with your client and understands their needs.



To build rapport, you’ll need to do the work to learn about your prospect. First, browse socials, blogs, and websites for any potential information to work with. Here’s an example of an email for building rapport to give you an idea:



Hi, Andrew


I’ve encountered your concerns on data security on your (blog/social media post/etc.) and have the same worries.


Nowadays, cybersecurity is essential to protecting secure information from data breaches or threats like malware or ransomware. With a robust solution, you won’t have to worry about viruses, much less any hacking attempts.


Luckily with (your product), you won’t have to worry about any of these. Thanks to our updated definitions and secure connections, you can rest easy knowing that any random threat can’t access your data.


Are you free for a short 10-minute call/chat? I’m free on (day) at (time) if you’re curious.




John Doe


Company XXX



You can get off on the right foot with your potential clients by doing some research.



Template #4 Bring Up the Current Cybersecurity Solution


The goal here is to target your rival’s clients. Therefore, you want to highlight possible dissatisfaction with the client’s current cybersecurity while painting the best picture of your products.



The secret here is to know what software your prospects use. You’ll also need to know any issues your competitor’s solutions might have. Additionally, citing other companies within your prospect’s industry adds more credibility to your offer.



To improve effectiveness, you’ll want to use subject lines like:


  • “Are you satisfied with your current cybersecurity software?”
  • “Are you encountering any issues with your cybersecurity solution?”
  • “Is your cybersecurity working out?”


Calling attention to your competition’s faults while highlighting your product’s strengths gives credibility to your offer and entices prospects.



Template #5 Email to Promote Content


Before prospects decide on your products, they first need to understand your product’s features. And that’s precisely the goal of the content promotion template.



Your goal with an email to promote content is to educate your potential client. Directing prospects to your content shows you’re interested in providing value while walking them through the sales process. Additionally, it would help to research more about your prospect by browsing their content and socials to get an idea of the pain points they’re concerned about.



To give you an idea of what to look out for, Neil Patel guarantees this template will help get more eyes on your latest blog post:



Hey John,


Upon publishing our most recent blog post, “TITLE HERE,” I immediately thought of you and your company.


The blog post examines many aspects of social media marketing, complete with quotes from thought leaders and a variety of data points.


I would love to hear your thoughts on the post, including any feedback we could use in the future to provide our audience with better content.


Of course, don’t hesitate to share some of your favorite blog posts. I am always interested in reading what other industry professionals have to say.


Thanks for your time.




Jane Doe


XYZ Corporation



Through content promotion, you can eventually lead into a sales call.



Email Is Your Best Bet For Landing More Cybersecurity Clients


Email is still one of the best channels for lead generation. And with a solid cold outreach strategy, landing more clients. Additionally, with cybersecurity email templates, your success is all but guaranteed.



At ScaleUpSales, we’ve got the perfect cold outreach strategies and tools to help cybersecurity businesses improve their lead generation efforts. Contact us today to enhance your email campaigns!