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Top 7 of Our Personal Cold Email Templates for a Fail-Proof Marketing Campaign

October 20, 2022

Cold emailing is all about personalization—so then why use a template?



Well, we’ve found that while some parts of the email should be curated to your audience, there are some formulaic steps you need to take if you want to boost your conversions. And avoid agitating your cold leads (or worse—getting your email address flagged as spam).



A cold email has become a basic part of modern marketing efforts. And despite being common practice, a lot of businesses still approach it wrong. That’s why some marketers have said, “cold emailing is dead.” But that’s far from the truth. 



Unlike cold calls, cold emails are generally less intrusive, making them amenable to both sender and receiver. It also poses a challenge: the need to capture the attention and approval of your target market. In fact, a Gartner study shows that only less than a fourth (23.9%) of sales emails are opened, and even fewer are replied to.



Here are 7 cold email templates you can use for your business to kickstart your marketing campaign.



Direct Approach Cold Emails


Perhaps the oldest and most basic of all the cold email templates on this list, a direct approach is recommended for straightforward campaigns often aimed at business owners and potential suppliers.



In writing a direct approach cold email, remember the following points:


  • Identify your target. To the right audience, your message is a no-nonsense invitation for a productive partnership. Otherwise, it can be severely off-putting and even bland.
  • Personalize your message. The products or services you offer must be articulated in a way that meets their unique needs.
  • Identify pain points and point out what you can do for them. It establishes familiarity and reliability, even in the limited space you have.
  • Keep the cold email concise. Pick your ideas carefully, and the rest of your business can be introduced in subsequent emails—if you succeed with this part.
  • End with a specific call-to-action to jolt the target into action.


Below are specific examples of direct approach cold emails:



1. Formal Introduction


Hi [Recipient’s First Name],


I am [Your Name} and I work as a/an [Position] at [Company Name].


Our company specializes in [product or service] and can help your business [address pain point].


Let me know if we can squeeze it into your schedule and set something up. 



[Your Name]



2. Timeframe-Based Approach


Hi [Recipient’s First Name],


Want to achieve [target] or address [pain point] in just [time frame]? I’ll only need 10 minutes of your time.


[Existing/ former client name] who used [product or service] managed to achieve [specific data] within [time frame]. If you’re interested in achieving a similar result, let me know when would be a great time for a quick talk.



[Your Name]



3. Using Mutual Connections


Hi [Recipient’s First Name],


[Mutual contact] recommended you to our company, and we can help you [achieve goal] or address [pain point].


Our [product or service] has been proven to help businesses like yours to [achieve benefit] locally and internationally.


Let me know when is a good time to talk.



[Your name]



Follow-Up / Check-in Cold Emails 


Most cold emails fail because marketers give up after the initial attempt. A study from Backlinko reveals that only 8.5% of cold emails get a response. It also found that 60% of customers try to turn down offers four times before finally saying yes.


Following up can be a tricky matter: Do it too frequently and you come across as annoying. Do it at the right time, and you can be your customer’s saving grace.


Here are a few examples of checking up on your prospects:



4. Reminder-style approach


Hi [Recipient’s First Name],


I hope you’re doing well.


Just checking in again from my last email about two weeks ago. It was about [product or service] offered by our [Company Name]. Companies in the [client’s industry] sector now enjoy [benefits] from our [product or service].


With our clients, we’ve seen a ton of great results like:

  • Benefit statement 1 [with pain point and solution]
  • Benefit statement 2 [with pain point and solution]
  • Benefit statement 3 [with pain point and solution]


If you’re free anytime this week, let me know, and let’s work something out.



[Your Name]



5. Confirmation of Receipt


Hi [Recipient’s First Name],


I just wanted to follow up. You might’ve missed it in all the emails you receive on a daily basis (same here!).


So I’m sending this email hoping to set up a quick call with you to help you [solve pain point] which our [product or service] can help with.


If you’re free anytime this week, let me know.



[Your name]



Quick Question Cold Emails


Next up, quick questions are built on smart one-liners, often expressed as early as in the subject line, to pique the attention of your target market. It can target a referral or a unique and specific pain point for the client.


Below are examples of cold emails based on a quick question.



6. Referral Cold Email


Hello [Recipient’s Name],


Quick question: Who’s in charge of your [target] Department?


A company in the same industry, [Client competitor name], has been using [product] to [increase revenue, reduce lead time, or other benefits]. So I was wondering if you’d be interested in achieving the same advantages.


If you’re the key person to talk to about this opportunity, let me know when is a great time for a quick call. Otherwise, I’d like to ask for your help in reaching the right contact.



[Your Name]



7. Pain Point-Focused Cold Email


Hello [Recipient’s Name]


Quick Question: Are you having trouble with [pain point]?


We at [company name] are offering [product or service] that can help you address [pain point] by [benefits]. I’d be happy to chat more on a quick 5- to 10-minute call to explore how our [product or service] can help you and your company.



[Your Name]



Level Up Your Cold Outreach Emails


While cold email templates can help, the best strategy is to always ensure you’re sending cold emails to the correct person. If you’re not strategic from the start—it’s all for nothing. With these cold email templates, we’re sure you’ll see better conversions in time.



And if you’re looking for experts, you know who to call. We’ve helped boost our clients’ open rates and land in the inbox immediately. Because despite what some marketers believe cold email outreach is here to stay. 



From creating persuasive email campaigns to engaging copy for your website, our team of experts can scale your business beyond your imagination. Contact us today to see what we can do to help!