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Why You Need to Hire a Cold Outreach Agency–Yesterday

February 15, 2023

Your cold outreach campaign can only go one of two ways.



First, you spend a ton of resources figuring out how to generate leads, shortlist them, draft messages, and get them to your target recipient’s inboxes—all without guarantee of success.



Most emails will bounce back, and you’ll be left wondering what went wrong.



Second, you hire professionals to do the job, while you sit back and see results come in. A B2B cold outreach agency has the experience and expertise to launch a successful cold campaign to engage potential clients, reach the right audience, gain quality leads, and convert them into buyers.



You don’t have to lift a finger. You’ll have a ton of extra time to focus on running your business.



Now, which scenario do you prefer? It’s a resounding “the second one!” for sure. 



So, let’s talk more about the advantages of outsourcing to cold outreach agencies below. By the end of this article, you’ll know how to double the capability of your team to scale your business.



Why Cold Outreach in the First Place?


Before anything, let’s first answer why you should consider running cold outreach campaigns.



There are a lot of marketing strategies out there that you can do, but choosing cold outreach allows you to highly personalize your interaction and build rapport with your potential client.



For example, you can do cold outreach via cold calls. Start by doing some research to know your targets, so you’ll have a deep understanding of their pain points. Once you’re on the phone with them, you can easily let them know how you can help their exact situation. This level of personalization and depth is only possible through direct calls with clear intentions.



In contrast, a social media post merely entails a message or comment without giving you the chance to properly connect with the customer. It’s very sales-y, no matter how hard you try.



Another example is with sales and discounts. Every business has these in their marketing plans, so I’m sure you’ve done some yourself. Ask yourself: Which channel does your customers want to find out about your promotions? Let me tell you: 44% of users check their email inbox to see if the companies they follow have deals, while only 4% go to Facebook.



You might be thinking, “But that means they just see it. I care about the conversionses,” and rightly so. 



Well, a whopping 60% of consumers have declared that they have made purchases as a result of these marketing messages via email. What about those “buy now” buttons on social media? Only 12.5% consumers even considered it as a purchase driver. Seems like cold outreach is the clear winner.



The possibilities for growth and opportunity are great when you start cold calling and emailing. You can tap cold outreach’s full potential if you leave it in the hands of people with tons of knowledge and experience—which is where a cold outreach agency comes into play.



How Can Cold Outreach Agencies Scale Your Business?


Hiring experts to boost your team expands capabilities beyond the four walls of your office. Whether you struggle writing content or you don’t seem to acquire leads fast enough, an agency can definitely help you take a massive leap forward. 



Here are the top 3 reasons why they are a good investment:



1. Cold outreach agencies save you time and money. 


With an agency, you don’t need to think of a marketing strategy from scratch anymore. 



Instead, a team of experienced professionals will provide you with a tailored strategy, implement it, and even create performance reports so that you can track the success of your campaigns—all without the need for additional, internal manpower. 



You’ll expand the capability of your team without depleting resources.



2. Cold outreach agencies use proven processes.


You won’t have to think about the nitty gritty steps on how to get to your goal anymore. From copy creation, highly targeted lead research, email deliverability, reporting, to optimization—cold outreach agencies already have set step by step processes to ensure success.



You’ll get the outcomes you need easily and without any trial-and-error methods. 



3. Cold outreach agencies provide quick results to maximize your budget.


Thanks to their extensive experience, cold outreach agencies know what your business should do from day one to a hundred. You’ll quickly set meetings with prospective companies and focus on closing the sale without wasting any time or money



In other words, you’ll get results immediately to justify your marketing spend.



So, now that you know the value a cold outreach agency can bring, what’s the next step? 



There are so many agencies out there. How are you sure that their outsourcing email outreach services will be a success? How will you know that this will be a good investment for your company? 



What to Look for in a Cold Outreach Agency?



Not all agencies are created equal—some will run circles around you. So, to ensure that your investment will give you good returns, these are 5 factors to consider when choosing an agency.



1. Specialized in lead generation.


A good agency knows the best way to bring you quality clients to convert into buyers and advocates. They won’t give you empty promises; they’ll be experts in what they do, which is generate excellent leads.



2. Experienced and highly skilled people.


It takes some time to train and gain experience in cold outreach strategies, as there are a lot of aspects to consider when it comes to cold outreach strategies. With the likes of outbound sales, content creation, and email deliverability—you need to work with a qualified team to actually make these work. 



3. Reliable with a proven track record.


Do a background check before working with an agency to know if they’ll meet your expectations. Check their past work (e.g., case studies, testimonials, reviews) to determine their ability. A good agency has the social proof to show—they’re constantly optimizing processes to give increasingly better outcomes. 



4. Experts in sales funnel.


In our fast-paced world, businesses have to keep up to stay relevant. Your goals or needs may change along the way, but a good agency will craft, tweak, and optimize your sales funnel and cold outreach strategy for a holistic approach. The best ones will even create a sales funnel for you, if necessary.



5.  Masters of quality content creation. 


You can keep churning out content day after day, but they won’t be effective if they’re irrelevant to the receiver. Clearly communicating your value offer is what gets you the leads that you have been looking for—and that takes research by a good agency.



Hire an Agency to take your Business to the Next Level


Cold outreach is one of the most effective marketing strategies to increase your sales, which you can take full advantage of with a little professional help. Don’t miss out on this opportunity…



The longer you wait, the more customers you are losing each day. 



You don’t have to look too far, however, as everything we’ve mentioned above is what our team at ScaleUpSales are doing. We are experts in cold outreach and we can be your new partner in achieving your sales and marketing goals.



Unlock your business’ potential with us—we are ready to take on the challenge. Contact us today!