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Writing LinkedIn Copy that Really Engages Your Prospect

January 30, 2023

LinkedIn ranks first as the best social network for lead generation, with a 2.74% Visit-to-Lead Conversion Rate compared to Facebook’s 0.77% and Twitter’s 0.69%. 



So, what is the best LinkedIn cold outreach message that engages prospects and increases their chances of becoming customers?



This is a question that most marketers ask themselves when tasked to reach a professional audience on LinkedIn. After all, the stakes are high when it comes to writing a cold LinkedIn outreach message.



If you don’t craft an engaging copy, you may as well just be talking to yourself. 



But don’t worry. There are tried and tested methods to write a copy that will inspire prospects to reply.



How Not to Write Your LinkedIn Copy


First, let’s talk about what marketers should not do when writing cold outreach messages on LinkedIn. 



Avoid general sales language like the washing machine saleswoman used when she told me they’re all the same, just add soap. Instead, use personalized language like the server who helped me work out a special pescatarian order from the very carne menu in Colombia. 



Remember: Keep your message professional and straightforward.



You have to get to know your client and really listen to what they want. Throw in some fresh ideas they might not have thought of, and deliver exactly what they’re expecting, plus something on the side to say ‘thank you’ for choosing your service.



4 Different Ways to Write an Engaging LinkedIn Copy


It’s down to just a couple sentences to make or break your deal. A powerful sentence can create a business, and a powerful sentence can also break one—it’s all in the words.



Here’s how you can craft a LinkedIn copy that will really communicate your value and make your prospects want to take the time to read and reply:



#1 Appreciate Them


People want to be appreciated—noticed. And, since your incredible business only attracts the best of clients, you have plenty of reasons to tell them they’re number one.



This also applies to business networking platforms like LinkedIn. Complimenting your prospect’s portfolio, job titles, or achievements is a great conversation starter.



Here’s an example of what to say:



“Hi there! I’ve been following your work for a while now, and I’m really impressed by the success you achieved in such a short time! It must be really gratifying to have reached those goals. I would love to connect and learn more about your experience.”



This kind of message strikes a personal chord with the reader. It shows that you took time to research them and appreciate their accomplishments. Plus, you didn’t slime them with your product or service. 



But be careful—only genuine compliments are allowed! Nothing that sounds creepy or stalker-y. Only refer to publicly available information.



#2 Leverage Shared Connection


Everyone loves to hear that they have something in common, whether with friends, colleagues, or acquaintances. Well, you can easily leverage a shared connection by mentioning it in your outreach messaging, too. Just ensure that the person you mention is someone your prospect knows.



Here’s an example of what to say:



“Hi, Mary! I saw that we have a mutual connection with Mark, who I’m sure you know is a great professional in the marketing field. We have worked together at XYZ.


I see we’re both in the SEO industry, and I would love to have you in my network.”



This type of copy will make prospects feel like they can trust you more easily since you have a shared connection. Plus, mentioning that you’re both in the same industry creates a bond between you. You’ll find that using shared connections helps to build a foundation for further communication.



#3 Ask Questions


It’s no secret that people are naturally drawn to conversations, especially when there is something in it for them. So, asking questions about things that matter to prospects can effectively get them to engage with your message.



Questions can be anything from asking them about their field experience, challenges, or something related to their current project.



Here’s an example to try:



“I noticed that you recently released a new article talking about the newest technology trends. I am very much interested in learning more. What else about technology interests you that you didn’t mention in your article?”



Asking questions will tell your prospects that you’re interested in getting to know more about them and their work. It will make them feel valued, and they’ll be more likely to respond.



#4 Use Some Humor


Humor is a great way to break the ice and make your message stand out from all other boring ones prospects receive on LinkedIn daily.



You don’t have to make jokes, but cleverly using puns, sarcasm, and even self-deprecating humor can go a long way in improving the quality of your outreach messaging. 



Humor will help you build rapport with prospects and make them more likely to respond to your message. It also shows that you’re approachable and friendly, which makes people more likely to trust you.



For example, say:



“Hi there! I apologize for the long intro, but I just wanted to say that I think we have a lot in common. We both love (topic), right? And if that wasn’t enough, I noticed we have the same sense of humor! Anyway, I wanted to grab your attention and see what you’ve been up to lately. Would love to chat more about it.”



By injecting a bit of humor into your message, prospects will be more likely to open your message and read it all the way through. 



These are 4 of the best and proven ways to keep your prospects engaged from the first message they receive from you—which will ultimately improve your response rate and conversion rate.



But remember—not getting a response from the first message doesn’t mean you have to cross them off your list. It may mean that your prospects haven’t seen your message and need a gentle follow-up.



After all, staying in touch only takes a few simple words.



Ace Your Writing and Improve Your Campaign


Outreach messaging can be one of the most effective ways to engage with prospects and get potential clients interested in your product or service. But we know it’s all too easy to fall into a pattern of sending generic messages that won’t stand out from the crowd. 



By using appreciation, shared connections, asking questions, and injecting humor into your messaging, you can make sure that your prospects will engage with and respond to your messages. This will help you build relationships, establish trust, and ultimately build a framework of committed clients that carry your business to success.



Need help perfecting your cold outreach message on LinkedIn? Our ScaleUpSales team is highly skilled with LinkedIn Outreach campaign that delivers results. Contact us today!