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Content Marketing

ScaleUpSales drives engagement with existing and potential customers with curated content pieces promoted through social media, email, and on your blog.

Working together will give you an outlet to demonstrate your expertise and passion online.

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Content Marketing

Insightful Social Media Posting

On social platforms, primarily LinkedIn, we’ll create insightful posts demonstrating your expertise and experience that can be posted either from your profiles or an affiliate’s.

These posts come with the option to post in dedicated groups where your ideal prospects are active and engaged.

Tailored SEO-Optimized Blogs

We will create SEO-optimized blog articles, which will be posted natively on your website to drive organic traffic.

We will then convert these posts into long-form LinkedIn articles to further the reach of your thought leadership.

Persuasive Email Nurturing Campaigns

We will create an automated nurture series that subscribers will get upon downloading your lead magnet. The goal of the nurture series will be to convert new subscribers to either a demo or into becoming paying customers during the course of emails being sent to them.

Ongoing Newsletter Creation & Management

We will set up a sending platform using a dedicated domain, from which we will send out newsletters to your current and future subscribers.

We will build a content schedule with you and your marketing team, so we have timely content ready in advance of each newsletter.

Website Content & Marketing Materials

We will recreate the messaging on your website to make it easy for visitors to understand your value and get in touch.

We’ll complement the website by creating new pitch decks and sales and marketing materials for you to send your prospective clients and investors.

Engaging Lead Magnets For Your Website

We will set up engaging lead magnets on your website to drive new subscribers to a growing email list.

The lead magnets will offer a combination of expert insight, insider knowledge, or a different solution that solves a real problem for your potential customers.

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