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Paid Advertising

ScaleUpSales helps companies acquire new customers and generate more revenue with paid advertising management.

Working together ensures you start growing your revenue as soon as possible.

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Paid Advertising Channels:

Google Ads and Social Ads PPC Management

PPC marketing is great for increasing awareness, generating leads, and closing new customers. We manage all PPC campaign setup, budget distribution, and optimization.
We focus every campaign on precision targeting and a strong retargeting strategy, so our ads stay in front of your potential customers as a reminder to come back and sign up.

Landing Page Creation

We design, launch, and A/B test landing pages to ensure visitors convert into leads and customers. We utilize dynamic text replacement to tailor the experience down to the keyword, location, and other factors for the visitor.
This level of granularity and focus on every customer profile lets us drive high conversion rates.

Event-Triggered Emails

We implement persuasive messaging sequences post-signup to nurture leads into meetings with a salesperson or becoming paying customers. We know the journeys your customers want to take to help you close those leads in your marketing funnel.
This leads to more opens, higher CTRs, excited replies, and more ROI for you.


We educate prospects about your brand and deliver relevant offers to drive leads and sales. We personalize the content of each email newsletter to appeal to your exact target market.
Your subscribers will receive email campaigns with relevant content about products and services they want to hear about.

CRM, Reporting, & Google Analytics Tracking

We provide you with seats in a fully customized sales CRM to make it easy to stay organized, track your lead funnel, and follow up with warm leads.
Our custom reports and ongoing audience and keyword analysis allow us to understand your users’ behavior, website performance, and enhance our campaigns and improve results.

Continuous Optimization

We consistently monitor campaign budgets across all marketing channels, Return-On-Advertising-Spend, and conversion rate. We optimize the process to get more conversions and adapt to changes in strategy.
We can always do better and will do everything we can to improve the activity and be a trusted partner for the long run.

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