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5-Step Guide to Effectively Automating Your Cold Outreach

February 8, 2023

Are you tired of manually sorting emails and trying to create a coherent cold email outreach strategy?



You’re not alone.



Many marketers struggle with the laborious task of sorting emails one by one. It can be incredibly time-consuming and repetitive. That’s why 64% of marketers turn to email automation, which saves time and allows for more efficiency with minimal effort.



This article will discuss the benefits of automating your cold email campaigns and how you can maximize automated cold email outreach tools.



Why Automate Your Cold Email Outreach?


Automation tools can save you time and money for cold email outreach campaigns. By automating your process, you can get more done in a shorter amount of time without sacrificing quality.



Here are 3 benefits of automating your cold emails:



#1 Nurture Leads


Some businesses rush their sales teams to contact new leads before they go cold. But the lukewarm leads don’t typically convert because the contact still smells like foreign material—it’s too abrupt, its face is alien, and it doesn’t come at an opportune time to, say, save the day.



Not all contacts that provide their email address on your website for a free lead magnet download are interested in talking to your sales team. For them, it’s just a one-time thing.



But by automating your email workflow, you can nurture those leads, and follow up on their interest with helpful information and resources. And, if you’re sending relevant emails at the right time, they might just become more receptive to your sales team when they pipe up.



#2 Increase Brand Awareness


When automation does the heavy lifting for your cold outreach, your results become more consistent, responsive, and professional-looking. Plus, automating helps you send your emails at the right time, which improves your open rate.



An increased open rate means more people read your emails, making more people aware of your business. So, when a sales rep reaches out, your potential customers know the nature of your business and care about what you have to say.



#3 Reduce Costs


Automating processes means eliminating the need for more people to do repetitive tasks. As a result, you don’t need to pay a large sales team to make cold calls daily and check that you’re sending out emails regularly.



You can program your automation tools to approach potential clients only when they’re ready to learn more about your business.



5 Steps to Automate Cold Emails


Automating cold emails is a heaven-sent blessing for time-crunched professionals. But, it’s often misused, which results in lower open rates and fewer conversions.



Here’s how you can ensure you’re using automation tools to their maximum potential:



Step 1: Create Your Target Audience Persona


The first step in automating your cold email outreach is understanding who your ideal customer is and what they need.



Trying to address the broad public, hoping that many of them will buy your products or services, is like taking a road that leads to Nowhere-ville. What a waste of gas. More than that, the route sucks tons of money due to attempting to develop multiple ads at once without direction. So, unless you turn around before you start, you’ll end up with an empty tank and possibly an ROI in the pits. 



That’s why it’s critical to have a buyer persona so that you can create targeted advertising and marketing materials to get grabs from your ideal consumers. You can research and consider your consumers’ desires and needs with a persona, resulting in thoughtful marketing efforts.



Your imaginary character should have the following:


  • Behavioral traits
  • Interests
  • Goals
  • Motivations
  • Demographic information
  • Pain points


Remember that the primary purpose of having a person is to focus on your marketing efforts, so it’s best not to have an excessive number of them.



Step 2: Automate Segmentation of Email Lists


Your ideal audience will not engage with generic cold email templates. But, without a highly-segmented list, crafting a compelling and engaging copy will be an even greater challenge. For example, you can’t expect high engagement from your SEO audience if your campaign is all about lead nurturing.



So, identify your multiple target audience personas and treat each as a unique segment with its own messaging. Then, you can base your content on your persona’s specific goals, needs, and pain points.



You can also segment your list by:


  • Revenue
  • Pain points
  • Number of connections
  • Company size
  • Industry


A highly-segmented list helps you improve your sales funnel to generate more qualified leads and boost your conversion rate.



To effectively segment your lists, you can use automation tools to analyze customer data and develop segments according to their interests or preferences. Automation eliminates manual work and allows you to easily send out emails with personalized messages to each segment.



Step 3: Set Up Automated Follow-Up Emails


Sending emails to the same prospect multiple times results in 2x more responses.



Follow-up emails remind new contacts to download relevant whitepapers, sign up for a newsletter, or visit your website. This way, you have a better brand recall for your readers. But we all know that manually following up with each of your recipients takes so much time—and this is where automation comes in.



You can set up automated follow-up emails after a specific time if the contacts haven’t responded yet. Having scheduled follow-ups help you stay on top of those leads that may have slipped through the cracks during manual outreach.



To ensure you’re not sending a generic email, you can personalize your content by segmenting warmer and colder leads. Warm leads are those that align closest with your persona and will be the ones receiving follow-up emails focused on driving more immediate action. In contrast, cold leads can receive follow-up emails geared towards providing them with more opportunities to reply.



Step 4: Implement an Email Tracking System


You’ll only know how successful your cold outreach campaign is if you have an email tracking system that generates reports for you. So it’s essential that you have a mechanism to track how your recipients interact with your email, one that can answer the following questions:


  • Open Rate: Did they open the email? 
  • Click Through Rate: Did they click on a link? 
  • Response Rate: Did they reply? 


With this data, you know which of your campaigns are working and which need more improvement as far as delivering results goes.



Using automated tools (like open and click-rate tracking) can help you easily monitor the performance of each campaign without having to manually sift through emails to determine the best course of action for future campaigns. This allows you to spend more time crafting effective content than collecting data. 



Plus, it helps ensure that you’re targeting the right people with the right message.



Step 5: Optimize Your Automated Emails


Optimizing your automated emails is the key to higher open and click rates.



You can optimize your emails for relevance by:


  • Using dynamic email content: Craft your cold email template where you can change any personalized part of a mass message based on user behavior or any other prospect data.
  • Personalization tokens: Add a human touch when sending emails by referring to your readers by their name, position, and company name in the email body or subject line. You can also talk about recent activities they made that are available to the public. 
  • A/B testing: Send two variations of emails to different sets of prospects to learn more about which of the two campaigns garners the best results.


Optimizing lands you a more customized email experience that appeals to each recipient’s needs. 



You should also ensure that you’re setting an appropriate cadence and frequency when sending out automated emails. For example, you don’t want to send too many emails in a short period, as this may result in people unsubscribing from your email list.



Automate Your Cold Emails to Achieve Better Results


Automating your email campaigns can save time and be more effective with your outreach. From setting up segmentation to optimizing emails for relevance, using automated cold email tools provides a robust platform to ensure that each email is delivered successfully while maintaining a higher response rate.



With proper implementation, you’ll drive leads and convert them into customers in no time.



But an easier way to achieve better results with email automation tools is to have some good old-fashioned human labor. Partner with cold outreach experts, like ScaleUpSales, to eliminate the time needed to learn the tools and quickly get onto boosting your profits.



Start automating your cold outreach campaign with the help of cold email professionals. Contact us today!