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What Clients Are Saying

David Greenbaum

CEO, OnPlan

" ScaleUpSales has helped us generate an ongoing funnel of leads every month. The market feedback we get as a result of our partnership has been critical in positioning our service and growing our revenue. "

Eli Strauss

Business Development Manager

" We had no outbound sales process when we started working with ScaleUpSales. They mastered our product, segmented our market, and executed a lead generation strategy that filled up my meeting schedule for months. "

Alan Cutter

CEO, AC Lion

" I’ve never worked with a team before that cared so much about our company’s success. They say our success is their success and they really mean it! "

Rick Dockstader


" ScaleUpSales has helped me explain my software solution in a way that anyone can understand. The value of my offering is now clear and I’m having regular meetings with interested leads. "

Andres Montefeltro

CEO, Cubiq Foods

" ScaleUpSales generated so many leads for us that we had to stop working with them because we had too much work to follow up on. "

Tamir Podhurst

CEO, Simploud

" ScaleUpSales worked very creatively to come up with a messaging strategy that would pull potential customers away from my competitors. They are real partners who are really invested in our success. "

Michal Paran

Global Sales Director, Dropit Shopping

" The amount of interest we started getting increased greatly after we started working with ScaleUpSales. They helped us explain what we do and the value we provide in the best way possible and that’s made a big difference in helping us sign new customers.

Slaine Willey


" It was difficult for us to research our ideal customer profile since many of them are not on LinkedIn. ScaleUpSales took the time to manually research our potential customers no matter where they were on the Internet. It paid off big time because the lead generation has been very successful.

Marcus Krupp

CEO, WP-Tangerine

" ScaleUpSales has been the ‘it’ factor in helping me expand my business to new horizons. They do outbound the right way and are real partners for the long run. "

Manoj Gopinath

COO, Green Method

" We’ve developed an impressive business through personal connections and word-of-mouth, but we knew we needed to be proactive to get new clients. ScaleUpSales built a complete sales infrastructure around me and my team and got us deals with impressive target companies in our first month. "

Pratik Shevade

Head of Business Development, Spoonshot

" The ScaleUpSales team has gone above and beyond in targeting our specific audience and building custom strategies to successfully engage them. "

Liana Ziskind

CEO, ApeakData

" We have a difficult customer profile and we weren’t sure if cold outreach would work for us. I’m glad I went to the experts. ScaleUpSales guided us step-by-step and brought us so many leads every month I couldn’t keep up with all the meetings. "

Aaron Wolf

CEO BidGemmer

" I started working with ScaleUpSales when I had zero sales material, pitch, or any idea how to communicate what we do over cold messages. They built me everything I needed from scratch and have generated many appointments with companies that have become new customers.

Giacomo Perotta

Head of Business Development, GrapeData

" ScaleUpSales outperformed our expectations. They’ve done a fantastic job conducting research on our ICP, creating engaging messaging sequences, and building a great support system. They’re a very easy partner to work with! "

Tom Naftali

CEO, MyPlay

" ScaleUpSales generated leads for us in the Italian, French, and Spanish speaking markets by adapting their messaging tactics and conducting amazing research despite them not being native speakers of any of those languages! "

Oliver Leigh

Director of Global Business, Playrcart

" ScaleUpSales was great at understanding our offering and creating compelling sales content to use on our sales calls. "