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Sales Consulting


ScaleUpSales provides hands-on sales strategy planning, training, workshops, and messaging creation for growing sales teams. Working together will give you the complete sales strategy and process you need to scale up your client base.

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Sales Consulting

Custom Sales Training

We will train you and your team to write cold emails, cold call, answer objections, ask qualifying questions, and deliver superb sales presentations.

We do this through a combination of role playing, simulation, and script creation we provide in advance.

On-Site Workshops

We will facilitate custom workshops at your offices for your sales teams. Workshops will focus on areas where your company struggles and how to implement the right solutions.

Workshops may relate to sales process development, team management, and training.

Sales Manager Assistance

We help CEO’s, VP’s of Sales, and Sales Managers build their sales departments effectively, maximize their team’s ability to hit targets, and establish the right processes to scale their internal operation.

We will work with them on a regular basis and guide you towards taking the right actions to develop your team as it relates to sales strategy, sales process, hiring, team leadership, and implementing sales-related technology.

Sales Strategy Development

We will help you identify the right drilled-down target audience to focus your sales and marketing efforts on.

We will “productize” your services and build executable plans for engaging prospects. This is most appropriate for companies who don’t have existing customers yet.

Sales Script & Pitch Creation

We will dive deep into your service and create detailed sales pitches that function as technical webinar scripts to use during meetings with potential customers.

The scripts we create are extensive and can be adapted for cold calling, email templates, and other marketing material creation.

Sales Call Assistance

We will join you on your sales calls with your prospects as members of your team and help you guide the call towards successful next steps.

The purpose is to let you get experience managing sales calls on your own while letting us serve as back-up in case you need it.

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