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Attract, Don’t Chase. Generate Quality Inbound Leads with LinkedIn

April 13, 2023

Have you been wasting a lot of time chasing after leads and can’t seem to catch a break? You might even be overselling and end up scaring them away. 



Wouldn’t you prefer to attract and have them reach out to you? So you don’t have to look around, and can focus on closing deals with interested leads? We don’t want to spend time with people who didn’t want to spend time with us in the first place—and the idea is the same for quality lead generation.



So, this is where LinkedIn comes into play. 



The platform is one of the most powerful tools for B2B lead generation. Here, you can attract leads instead of chasing them down, so you only get quality leads that need your solution instead of half-hearted ones that don’t really care about your offer. 



In this article, we’ll help you understand why LinkedIn is worth investing your time in, and we’ll spill the beans on how to use it to its fullest potential to improve your lead generation strategies. 



What Makes LinkedIn the Best Place to Generate Leads?


LinkedIn stands out as the best social media platform for targeting business decision-makers and B2B buyer audiences. According to studies, half of all B2B purchases are made on the platform because buyers and professionals credit it as trustworthy. That’s a lot of successful B2B sales.



Moreover, B2B companies get these sales because of tools like LinkedIn Sales Navigator that helps in finding the best prospects via filtering and automation. In fact, in the US alone, leads generated by LinkedIn have a conversation rate of 6.1—that’s double Google’s conversion rate.



LinkedIn’s status as a quality tool for growing businesses is proved by its users. It’s the perfect landscape for B2B businesses to find, reach out to, and claim customers, especially since the majority of professionals and companies are on the platform. 



Your business solution could be exactly what B2B clients on the platform seek. The only thing left is to put out your offer and attract quality leads.



How to Generate Quality Inbound Leads on LinkedIn


Over half of companies worldwide have a presence on LinkedIn, where creating a page for your business increases your visibility to a large B2B market and your chances of generating leads.



So, we’ve put together a few quick steps to help get you started generating leads on LinkedIn. If you haven’t started, it’s never too late! Here’s where to begin: 



1. Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile


Your profile on LinkedIn represents you and your company. It’s the starting point for people to know and understand your credentials, what you can offer, and why people should click on your name.



An optimized profile grabs readers’ attention from the front page. Start by creating a headline that clearly communicates your originality. Take full advantage of LinkedIn’s 120-character headline limit by using keywords in your industry and according to your expertise to add credibility to your name.



Next, write brief profile sections that detail your experience. Browsers are looking for basic information about you and are not interested in spending much time, so keep your profile concise. 



Optimizing your profile will increase the chances of potential leads finding you on their own through searching. Additionally, this also increases the chances of viewers connecting with you after they review your profile.



2. Highlight Connection to Your Company Leaders


Tap into your company’s full potential on LinkedIn by connecting with your company’s top leaders and executives. Ensure that these leaders use their LinkedIn profile to share relevant, insightful posts to contribute to the industry (perhaps even posts related to your company) to generate more leads.



Your leaders can attract a large audience (especially if they have a large following to begin with) and there could be some leads too. So, make sure that they make the most out of the opportunities in LinkedIn, so your company can benefit as well. They can also go the extra mile and join groups to interact with members, effectively broadening the horizon for more leads.



3. Post Relevant Updates and Content


Regularly posting valuable content establishes a sense of authority to your current and potential audience. Take time to produce quality content for your personal LinkedIn profile to show yourself as the credible expert that you are, so the audience remembers you whenever they delve into the market. 


Here is a quick checklist to know if your post is of good quality:


  • Is it relevant to your company/industry?
  • Will the reader learn something valuable from it?
  • Is my post engaging? (infographics, videos, shorter lines for text, etc.)


It’s one thing to post great content but another to maintain that quality. You can know what kinds of posts work for your audience by looking at your analytics. Once you’re able to identify what works best, create more similar posts. The more you post informative and interesting content, the more often you’ll show up in other people’s feeds and increase your visibility to your target audience. 



4. Join Relevant Groups


What better way to reach out to your target audience by joining relevant groups? They’ve already grouped themselves together. What’s left is for you to join and establish yourself in those groups.



So, join groups that are related to your industry. Then, interact and connect with that specific demographic. Ask questions, post content, reply to other people’s queries, and ensure that you come across as someone helpful and credible. That way, you’ll find quality leads, and quality leads will find you. 



Moreover, you’ll also get to exchange ideas with other professionals and learn from others!



Then, once you’ve built a professional relationship with a member, send them an InMail to introduce your product or service. They’ll see you as an active member and will be more comfortable in engaging. They’ll also know who you are from the get-go, so responses are bound to come flowing in.



3 Tools to Manage Your LinkedIn Leads


Aside from the tips we’ve outlined above, LinkedIn also provides several tools for you to optimize your lead generation. These include LinkedIn Sales Navigator, paid LinkedIn marketing solutions, and LinkedIn Live. Let’s take a look at each of them below.



Manage Inbound Leads with LinkedIn Sales Navigator.


You’re going to have an influx of leads at some point. So the next step is to learn how to manage them, which is where LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator becomes useful.



LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a customer relationship management (CRM) tool that makes monitoring your target accounts easier. Notable features include importing leads from Salesforce, saving your LinkedIn searches, and subsequently, receiving proactive notifications about searches that meet your lead criteria. 



Take it a step further by toggling on Sales Navigator Alerts and you keep potential leads on your radar in real-time (i.e. when your saved leads get mentioned in updates or the news, when they share posts, and when they engage with your profile in any way). 



You can filter your leads based on seniority level, industry, years of experience, and more. You can even use these advanced search functions to keep tabs on your competitors and see what you’re up against. All this information will make it easier to personalize your sales approach and craft the perfect pitch.



Keep the Momentum with Paid LinkedIn Marketing Solutions.


While optimizing organic efforts is a great start, you’ll have to use paid solutions to maintain and strengthen your presence. One of the best ways to do that is by using LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, where you’ll get to advertise to your audience via targeted ads.



These targeted ads allow you to access richer data to tailor-fit ads for the audience you want to talk to. Linkedin has B2B centric data that is much more insightful versus your run-of-the-mill social media platform. You’ll get to run campaigns that drills down into specific locations, industry, type of job, and work tenure of your leads. Once the campaign ends, you can also check the performance of your ads to improve as needed, continuing to attract the right crowd.



Paid LinkedIn Marketing Solutions allows you to engage with laser-focused precision, which helps you reach relevant groups, attract quality leads, and increase conversion rates. And if that’s not enough, LinkedIn also provides targeted InMail and conversational ads to generate inbound leads. 



Unlock Multiple Leads in Real Time with LinkedIn Live


Video is up to 12x more effective than other social media formats at engaging customers, and LinkedIn’s broadcast tool, LinkedIn Live, focuses on the easy digestibility of video to encourage instant connection with industry professionals and important decision-makers who want to voice their opinions and engage. 



So, next time you’re about to type that long post about how your product or service works, use LinkedIn Live instead to engage regular listeners and contributors via live stream. The capability can help you encourage connection among your audience members and produce valuable leads for your business.



The Inbound Lead Generation King: LinkedIn


No one has the time to chase down leads. And even if you get some people to respond, the chances of them purchasing your product or service is slim to none. Instead, you’ll save time and effort attracting prospective clients instead, where LinkedIn provides you with the opportunities and tools to do so.



Still unsure of how to use LinkedIn to generate quality inbound leads? We’ve got you covered. 




Get in touch with our team today to start attracting the leads your business needs. We have the knowledge and experience to take your business to the next level—we guarantee.