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Behind the Scenes: What Do Lead Generation Companies Really Do?

January 10, 2023

The hot term on the block is lead generation. You’ve probably heard it. A solid lead generation strategy builds credibility and visibility with potential leads and leads to your business’s success.



Ruler Analytics reveals that 91% of marketers refer to lead generation as their “most important goal.” They turn to lead generation companies and specialists to promote their brands and drive sales.



But lead generation isn’t for the faint of heart. Plus, it requires expertise.



Many lead generation companies offer services to ensure your success. But do they deliver on their promises? Are they worth it? What do they even do—maybe you can do them yourselves?



If you’re looking to accelerate your company’s growth by trusting a third-party organization, you first need to know what they can do for you. Here’s everything you must know about lead generation agencies, so you can decide whether to hire one or not.



Understanding What a Lead Generation Company Does


Lead generation companies generate warm and qualified leads for your company, so you don’t have to find and contact leads yourself. With an agency, your leads are sorted and shortlisted for you, increasing output for your organization.



Lead generators can also collaborate with other websites, platforms, or organizations to help host your website or advertise your products and services.



Standard Services of a Lead Generation Company


Some services you can expect from lead generation companies include:


1. In-House Marketing


Depending on a lead generation’s scope and scale, their marketing team can include specialists, such as:


  • Public relations (PR)
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Brand strategy
  • Visual design
  • Content creation


If your team doesn’t have enough people (or expertise) to handle these tasks, outsourcing to an agency means you’ll have experts at your disposal.



2. Database Marketing


Agencies can also take warm and qualified leads from pre-existing customer databases. They can handle massive caches of customer information, and handle details like prospect names, contact numbers, email addresses, transaction histories with affiliated businesses, and previous customer support requests. The agency compiles and sorts all the nitty gritty to make your outreach simple.



Agencies that provide database marketing can then facilitate connection by sending brochures, videos, or other materials on your behalf. With modern technology, artificial intelligence and machine learning can also take it a step further—using advanced analytics like purchasing patterns and consumer behavior to better use your database.



3. Scheduling Appointments


Beyond simply identifying potential leads for a particular business, lead generation companies can also take the initiative and connect you directly with the target audience. This service applies to business-to-business (B2B) settings, where you’d want to schedule appointments with prospects to pitch your sales deck and nurture them toward purchase.



How Lead Generation Companies Find Their Leads


By condensing qualified leads, your company saves time finding potential customers. Now, you might wonder how specialized companies find their massive pool of leads in the first place. After all, 61% of marketing professionals still find lead generation the most challenging part of the job.



Lead generators’ strategies to build customer bases include:


  • Online Advertising such as banner ads and pop-ups on web pages, all to create brand awareness and generate more leads online
  • Social Media Marketing, like using LinkedIn Sales Navigator to segment audiences for more targeted marketing strategies 
  • Optimizing Landing Pages so the page where you “land” after clicking a link is designed with the sales funnel in mind—like encouraging visitors to give their email in exchange for information
  • Guest Posting for the company to solidify their authority in the industry via posting articles on reputable sites, funneling traffic into their own website
  • Using RSS or “Really Simple Syndication” which is a web-based feed that allows users to readily access new content from the target website, establishing a connection


Of course, lead generation agencies use several techniques and strategies to get more leads. But these five methods are the most common, and are what you’ll likely find across your agency options.



Benefits of Working With Lead Generation Companies


Now that you’ve seen what lead generation companies do and how they operate, it’s time to examine the value they can bring to your company. Here are three benefits of working with lead generation companies:


  • Expand market: Lead generation agencies enable you to find the ideal audience and new segments you otherwise wouldn’t have considered.
  • Grow following: Lead generation agencies can handle content marketing and communication for you, so your business can produce quality materials that build a strong consumer base. You’ll be known as a thought leader in the industry and have loyal followers.
  • Get more customer reviews: Lead generation agencies can generate social proof for your company by encouraging past customers to leave reviews, testimonials, and more. 
  • Boost revenue: Lead generation agencies can maximize your brand’s ability to gain customers. Using the right messaging, offers, and content to create interest, they can capture the attention of qualified leads.
  • Improve lead quality: Lead generation agencies take a highly targeted approach to content creation, which results in better prospects that have a higher chance of becoming customers. You won’t waste any resources shooting in the dark.
  • Reduce cold calling and emailing needs: Lead generation agencies take a load of outbound strategies off the shoulders of your in-house marketing team. In return, your team can focus on closing the qualified leads already interested in your offering.
  • Automate lead management: Lead generation agencies will use specific tools to automate lead generation like CRMs, email marketing software, customer data platforms (CDP), and sending platforms to simplify and hasten your lead generation pipeline.


In short, by entrusting your lead generation to professionals, you can expect good-quality leads or prospects aligned with your target market. They’ll be ripe for conversations, loyalty, and overall retention with your company.



Work With a Top Lead Generation Company Today


Now that you understand how a lead generation company works, it’s time to find a partner that will fit your needs. Here at ScaleUpSales, we have a rapidly growing team of professionals available to take on your qualified leads and turn them into valuable and loyal customers.



Contact us today, and let us get your lead generation mechanism off the ground.