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The Worst Cold Email Mistake We See Over and Over Again—Don’t Fall Victim to This!

January 23, 2023

We’ve all read those “ultimate guides” that tell us how to write cold emails. They usually say you should write well, meet the recipient on a personal level, and avoid being too sales-y.



But there’s one thing they all miss: the approach.



How do you approach cold emailing? What accessible information do your subscribers have to prove how they can benefit from your solution?



Those questions shape your approach to cold email marketing. Knowing the perfect slant you should take, you can avoid the worst cold email mistake ever: making it all about you.



Why Does Approach Matter in Cold Emails?


Too often, cold emails are sender-centric and attempt to cover too much ground. 



They say things like, “I’m reaching out to offer my services as a property manager, should you need it.” Or “I want to see if we can discuss how I can be of service and bring value to your organization.”



But what if the recipient doesn’t need those services right now? Will they even remember you when they eventually need a property manager? They probably won’t remember you when they actually need you.



So before you press send on any cold emails, identify who needs your offering and target them with the right timing.



For example, look for real estate investors who have recently expanded their rental property portfolio and will soon be looking for external managerial help to keep up with landlord responsibilities.



Then, speak directly about their current situation. “Hello! I saw that you’ve recently invested in rental properties. Congrats on the accomplishment! If you’re looking for a property manager to keep up with tenant management and property maintenance, I have the experience to be your new partner.”



Sounds so much better, doesn’t it?



Let’s discuss this further and break the steps down into actionable tips. Read on to learn how to avoid the massive mistake of approaching cold emails incorrectly.



4 Cold Emailing Don’ts


Always make it about the recipient. That’s the only thing you need to remember when writing cold emails. So, read through all 4 cold emailing don’ts below to create a better, receipt-centric approach for maximum conversions from your campaign:



1. Don’t Make Blind Connections


Instead of blindly emailing random people and hoping for the best, create a list of potential prospects from relevant sources. For example, you can join online communities or read industry news sites to find investors interested in your product or service.



For example, shopping for plus sizes at Aeropostale used to be ridiculous. There was no way I could fit into anything but socks there, so it would have been a total blind connection if it marketed its clothes to me and other plus-sized folks. Aeropostale should’ve done their research and only connect its services with those who need (and want) them in the first place.



Intentional connections–not random ones–level up your cold campaign by:


  • Giving you a relevant conversation starter that grabs attention
  • Providing a solution or answering the need your potential clients have expressed
  • Giving your potential clients a compelling reason to reply


If Aeropostale wanted more sales, it should’ve talked to its relevant, engaged audience.



2. Offer a Simple Solution


When composing your message, sound like a real person and explain what you offer in layman’s terms. Speak the recipient’s language and focus on what they gain from using your product or service instead of boasting about your abilities.



Here are 3 questions to ask yourself to test whether your offering is communicated clearly. You should be able to answer yes to each question without hesitation:


  • Does your message start with a fact, statistic, or anecdote relevant to the recipient? 
  • Have you provided enough information and evidence for them to understand your offer?
  • Is it clear how they will benefit from using your product or service? 


When done right, the recipient will understand why they should reply to your email. Only when they have that lightbulb moment will they scroll down to start a conversation with you.



3. Address the Prospect’s Possible Hesitation (or Barrier)


Barriers are the most common reasons prospects hesitate to try new products or services.



For example, good property managers know how to navigate around local legislation. If someone’s worried about this, you can include that in your message and explain how you’re qualified to handle legal issues associated with rental properties.



By proactively addressing potential hesitation points, you’ll instantly assure your prospects, prove that you’re knowledgeable of their situation, indicate your trustworthiness, and increase the chances of getting a response even more. Keep them in mind, and you’ll have one foot through the door.



Pro tip: You can also ask if the recipient has any complaints or issues with their current solution—in other words, your competitor. Address those frustrations by explaining your unique selling proposition (USP).



4. Ask for an Initial Call Angled for Their Benefit


Once you’ve explained your solution and addressed the prospect’s hesitation, finish your message with a call to action that benefits them–not just your company.



For instance, “I’d love to chat about how we can help your rental business run smoothly. Would you be open to an initial call to discuss this further?” See how the offer is geared towards their advantage?



Then, include a few dates and times that work for you. This way, if they are ready to move forward with their rental property management needs, it’s easy for them to take action immediately.



Sample of a Recipient-Centered Cold Email


Unsure of what the tips above look like in an email? Here’s a sample for you to visualize.



First, put yourself in a recipient’s chair. You’re a rental company, and you’ve been losing potential leads because your team doesn’t personalize emails or follow up in a timely manner. You’re looking for a way to get things done quickly and easily and still include a bit of real, live, western charm in your messages. 



Well, imagine receiving this email over your lunch break:



Subject Line: Managing Properties Isn’t Easy… If You Do It Alone.


Dear Paul, 


Hello! I’m writing to you because I read that you’re a real estate investor in the area and have been looking for better property management solutions. It’s an issue that many investors face, so I wanted to reach out and see if I can help. 


At ABC Company, we specialize in helping rental businesses like yours simplify their operations by providing tailor-made property management software. Our system is easy to use and comes with features such as automated rent collection, tenant screening services, and customizable lease agreements. 


Plus, our team of legal professionals ensures that your business complies with local laws and regulations.


You may be hesitant about trying something new. We’ve all been there. That’s why I offer a 30-day free trial for you to test our services and see how they fit your needs before committing to anything long-term. 


I’d love to chat about how we can help make your rental business smoother. Would you be open to an initial call to discuss this further? Here are three dates that work best for me: Monday, June 15th at 11 am, Wednesday, June 17th at 3 pm, and Friday, June 19th at 9 am. 


Let me know what works best for you! 


All the best, 


John Smith, ABC Company Founder & CEO.


Does John Smith speak to your specific need? Is the solution clear and easy, and is the follow-up meeting easy to book? We hope you can answer yes!



Recipient-Centered Cold Email Campaigns for Better Conversions


Cold emailing is a great way to get in touch with potential customers and establish relationships. But they need to be crafted carefully. 



By incorporating the tips above, you’ll write cold emails that resonate with prospects and increase the chances of getting a response. Keep the content recipient-centered, address any hesitation points, and ask for an initial call angled for their benefit—you can’t go wrong with approaching them this way.



Good luck! If you’re looking for help implementing these tips in your business, contact us today! 



We’re happy to connect with you. Our mission is to scale up your sales from all angles.