How To Do Lead Generation On LinkedIn



The cornerstone of a long-lasting trading business has always been dependent on connections and the knowledge of prospects’ demands.

To discover the full potential of your LinkedIn marketing, it may be reasonable to pay attention to special lead generation services since they are able to improve the number of new business leads and sales considerably.

This site has become a promised land for business people and enables you to get lots of leads if you have managed to evolve proper strategies for that task. Besides, it happens to be the finest place for new business lead generation.

The LinkedIn community is massive, with over 760 million users. Clear enough, it is focused on professional marketing relations. Thus, the site enlarges B2B social media coverage on the one hand and offers perfect tools and solutions for obtaining B2B leads on the other.

To make the most of it, it becomes necessary to launch a well-planned LinkedIn outreach campaign. The term “outreach” is complex and includes all various measures and actions taken to accomplish one goal — get as many business leads as possible; in other words, let potential clients know about your existence and desire to establish a solid business connection.

Let’s be more precise and state what aspects LinkedIn outreach consists of:

  1. Introducing improvements to a LinkedIn account and warming it up.
  2. Making connections with possible consumers in a smart and consistent way, depending on the target audience.
  3. LinkedIn automation procedures in profile searching and LinkedIn outreach message formation, deliverability improvements.
  4. At the same time, the development of a more personalized approach to B2B sales lead generation.
  5. The overhaul of existing templates and business cases, if necessary.
  6. Having emphasized the necessity to delve into the world of LinkedIn marketing, we are about to disclose how to organize the LinkedIn outreach campaign properly and avoid fatal mistakes in the process.

The Basics of Outreach LinkedIn Strategies

To put it simply, the mission of LinkedIn Outreach is to catch the eye of a potential lead. It concerns both B2C and B2B leads, and the outcome is the same — converting the prospect.

However, to get the lead, you must look attractive to the prospect. To stand out from the crowd of typical entrepreneurs, be sure to learn the key principles of LinkedIn outreach:

  • To make B2B outside sales smooth, study the demands of the potential customers, decide why they might need your services and how they could get access to them.
  • LinkedIn profiles are abundant in various personal details that can be used as “junction points” to be mentioned in the first connection (the most important one, by the way).
  • With LinkedIn connections, quality beats quantity. Of course, the number of daily requests should be growing with the “age” of your LinkedIn account (mind the daily limit for the InMail not to get banned for spamming), but this also concerns the quality of potential B2B leads. Try to “snipe” suitable people depending on the mutual interests and demands to boost your sales and get a tasty lead regularly.
  • Set up regular strategies for B2B sales lead generation. Think over each step on the path to the desired lead. Consider using modern solutions, such as LinkedIn automation tools, to extend the outreach even further.

Tips to Make LinkedIn Outreach Message Truly Powerful

The first message you send a potential prospect on LinkedIn is easily the most important.

To make sure that your LinkedIn connection will be successful and lead to a conversation, use these tips:

  • Stick to brevity and clarity when expressing thoughts. Don’t overdo clichés and exquisite introduction. Let your LinkedIn account speak for itself.
  • Go straight to business. Try to avoid general questions requiring answers “Yes” or “No.” Compare the following phrases, “Are you eager to listen to my offer?” and “I know how to increase your sales by 25% and am ready to tell you how to do that.”
  • Your sales depend on whether the prospect catches your drift at once or stays indifferent. Spend some time on making every entry message look original, if not unique.
  • A good businessman knows something about human psychology. How can you make a person interested in you? Introduce the information slowly, piece by piece, striking a balance between oversharing too much in the first message and boring your prospect with a drawn out conversation.
  • Drop a tempting sentence in your opening line, such as, “I’ve been in this business for years, and I might share a couple of useful tricks on how to make it grow even further.”
  • Teasing your expertise without making the prospect feel like you’re pitching them is key to a successful connection.
  • Don’t annoy people if your conversation somehow comes to a dead end. Thank them for their time and leave with grace. If you are refused at first, it doesn’t necessarily mean the prospect will not want to be contacted again.

Thus, the role of a well-structured LinkedIn outreach message can’t be underestimated. When implemented properly, it becomes a moving force for your marketing campaign.

LinkedIn Outreach — How to Avoid Common Mistakes

Sometimes, it’s better to take your time than to rush chaotically into the unknown. If you want to achieve consistent lead generation, here’s what you must NEVER do:

“Neglect the outer view of your LinkedIn account.”

Your profile is essentially an ad for your services. You won’t get customers if it is empty or boring. Fill in as much information as possible, add a trustworthy profile picture. Don’t use automated headlines and summaries. Personalization truly matters here.

“Sending out a bunch of connection requests at once.”

The bad thing is not only that your activity will be treated as suspicious by the LinkedIn administration. Such malicious activity results in the loss of precious time and business leads.

Try to be more selective and pick prospects manually at first, highlighting mutual interests or goals at the beginning of the interaction. Thus, your LinkedIn connection has more chances to turn out productive.

“Deliverability is of no importance to me here.”

Well, you don’t work with emails directly, but LinkedIn outreach strategies imply gathering all possible information to deal with, including emails for email marketing in B2B lead generation.

Later, they might come in handy, and deliverability will become much more important. Besides, in its indirect meaning, deliverability reflects how many of your InMail messages were answered…or neglected.

“To get a B2B sales lead here, I just need to send a perfect message.”

Being a social network, LinkedIn offers a great diversity of interactions for its users. Make people notice you by commenting on posts, videos, or getting involved in discussions on familiar subjects. The cases when active members of the community get profitable leads are rather a rule than an exception.

“I can do it on my own — it just takes a bit more time.”

However, if you’re able to effectively close leads but are limited by volume, it might be time to think about extending the outreach. You might need to automate things or get professional help to achieve this goal.


The key differentiating factor between LinkedIn and other forms of outreach is that it is fundamentally social. Your personality is as much a sales offer as your service is.

Approach each prospect with care and consideration, allowing time for personalization and natural conversations to occur, and over time, you might just generate a host of new prospects who can’t wait to work with you!