For as long as cold emails exist, the marketing tool carries with it a bad reputation, especially when it often brings to mind the dreaded term spam.

Like, why would anyone invest in cold emailing when such a negative cloud surrounds it?

The truth is cold emailing remains to be one of the most effective marketing tools for generating high-quality leads and boosting your business profits. 

However, if marketers like you give too much credence to the myths surrounding cold email campaigns, you’re likely missing out on a tool that could exponentially increase your sales—and you don’t want that.

To help you maximize cold emailing, let’s debunk five cold emailing myths that hamper your success in converting prospects to customers.

Myth #1: Researching the Target Audience Is a Waste of Time

If you believe it’s unnecessary to invest time in learning about your recipients, then you’re botching your whole cold email campaign. That’s because selling products or services to random people will most likely result in rejection.

The truth: It’s crucial to understand your target audience in-depth because the more you know about their pain points and needs, the more effectively you can strategize your outreach to them.

Don’t be like many other businesses that don’t invest time in learning about their recipients. Instead, invest ample time and effort in researching your target audience. 

Learning about your audience’s interests and problems takes time, but it’s worth the investment especially once you see your conversions soar.

Myth #2: Follow-Up Emails Are Unnecessary

This is totally a myth. In fact, it’s advisable to always follow up with your prospects unless they unsubscribed to your email list.

On average, a person receives over 100 emails each day, so you shouldn’t expect your prospects to check and read each message—they’re bound to miss a few. That’s the reason why sending one email won’t cut it anymore.

The truth: Sending follow-up emails is the easiest way to boost your response rate. One follow-up can increase the response rate by 21% and the second email by 25%.

But don’t make the mistake of guilt-tripping your recipients for not responding to your emails, as that just gives them another reason to ignore you. For example, starting your follow-up intro with “I never heard back from you” lowers your chances of getting a meeting booked by 14%.

So, send your follow-up emails and see your response rate improve. Remember to stay consistent and don’t get too cheesy with your message. It’s always better to stay pleasant and professional throughout the whole encounter with your prospect. 

Myth #3: Cold Emailing Isn’t Worth It

Many marketers believe that cold emails exhaust your time, money, and resources, making them not worth it. Well, yes, it can be time-consuming, but that’s only when you write all your emails one by one—but you don’t have to do that.

The truth: Cold emailing is the most cost-effective marketing tool today as demonstrated by the 760% revenue increase professional marketers saw from building email lists and launching email campaigns. 

One way you can boost your sales with cold emailing is by investing in email marketing software that charges per email volume or the features used. But, if you don’t have the financial resources to invest in email marketing software, you can also generate your own cold email templates for free. 

When done correctly and strategically, cold emailing can help you achieve a conversion rate over 3x higher than social media campaigns.

Further reading: Our free templates for cold emails that get responses can help you start your cold outreach campaign from square one.

Myth #4: Email Personalization Is Too Expensive

They say email personalization is overpriced. But the right technology won’t require you to spend too much—not because it’s cheap, but because it will help you achieve personalization without having to pay for overhead costs in training new marketers to do it manually.

Email personalization is vital in improving your overall campaign. For example, sending an email with a personalized subject line increases your open rate by 43%,

The Truth: Using the right technologies and platforms will help personalize your cold outreach by being as easy as identifying attributes or grouping like customers together—allowing you to also quickly scale a personalized campaign.

If you’re unsure how to personalize your cold emails, here’s how you can get started:

  • Segment your email lists to only send your recipients the most relevant content
  • Target a common pain point for each email list and angle your message to address that issue
  • Build trust by using the subject line and greeting to call out to your recipient by name
  • Include information about the recipient to show that you’ve researched them and carefully thought through how your service or product may help solve their problem


Personalizing your cold emails doesn’t mean you have to spend weeks researching your recipient. It only means you’re using your current data and identifying areas of opportunity to connect.

Myth #5: Adding Videos Boosts Engagement

There’s been a lot of fuss for years about adding videos to emails to improve interaction with recipients. One reason is that videos are better for storytelling and the human brain loves stories

We’ve seen many companies use videos to promote their services and products. So it’s no surprise that email marketers will also leverage the video trend. However, as much as videos are more engaging, many marketers fall into the trap and make the mistake of embedding full-length videos in the email body.

The truth: Many email service providers don’t support embedded videos at all, which can affect your email deliverability rate and may get you flagged as spam. Plus, large files, including most videos, can damage your email format, resulting in a messy and unprofessional-looking email—ultimately leading to losing potential leads because your emails never reached their inbox.

Instead of embedding videos directly to your emails, you can include a thumbnail with a clickable link redirecting prospects to a landing page where they can watch the full-length video. 

Doing so encourages your potential customers to interact with your email like you wanted without affecting your email deliverability.

Get to the Cold Truth and Maximize Your Cold Email Campaign

Cold emailing remains the most cost-effective marketing strategy to reach more people with relevant content, resulting in higher conversion rates. But common myths like those mentioned above are hindering email marketers from getting the maximum potential of cold emailing—resulting in losing leads and decreasing conversions.

By debunking these myths about cold emailing, you’ll get to appreciate cold emailing more and launch campaigns with better results and convert more leads into paying customers.


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